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Voucher Window Check

A great timesaver, formatted for window envelopes to eliminate hours of needless addressing.

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Deluxe Corporation has designed a great time-saving voucher window check for business owners wishing to streamline their check writing process. Your company check can be formatted for window envelopes to eliminate the tedious activity of addressing each envelope. These voucher window checks can be purchased in duplicate, triplicate and four-part copies for ease of recordkeeping.

Through their precision printing process, Deluxe has made these checks easy to align for quick processing. The envelope window area has brackets for easy alignment with the recipient’s name and address. You can purchase be to post binder separately to store your voucher window checks.

Deluxe Corporation is made the ordering process fairly simple; first select your part; either to parts, we parts for parts copies. The next step requires you to choose your quantity; choose from 250 – 3000 checks. Once you’ve made the decisions, move onto customizing your voucher window check too closely match your company’s visual identity.

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Easy alignment! Envelope window area is defined with brackets for easy alignment with recipient’s name and address. Binder compatibility: Compatible with Two-Post Binder (54064N), sold separately.

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Voucher Window Check

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