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Fine Fabric Tagging Gun

Securely attach price tags without damaging garments.

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If you are looking for reliable tagging guns that will work on fine fabrics, this one does exactly that. It is ideal for daily use inside the shop or outside the shop. The Fine Fabric Tagging Gun is sturdy and dependable for use with a variety of garments. Just one squeeze punches the plastic fastener through to connect the price tag with no damage to the garment.

The patented polished needle helps to open the weave of the fabric while fastening. This one is perfect for all delicate fabrics. Try this Fine Fabric Tagging Gun for smooth, fatigue-free operation. One normal needle included. Buy the 1 Inch Plastic Fasteners (Item# 430) two Inch Good Fabric Fasteners (Item# 432) twelve Inch Plastic Ties, (Item# PT12) Order 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 units.

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Ideal for delicate fabrics.

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Fine Fabric Tagging Gun

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