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Double Window Confidential Self Seal Envelope

Make doing business more efficient with Double Window Confidential Self Seal Envelopes custom printed with your company logo and address. No addressing needed! Just fold, insert materials and mail. The double window design clearly shows return and destination addresses.

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Size: 9 x 4 1/8

Bookkeeping software packages like QuickBooks has made it easier to administer and register financial information. Check writing and general bookkeeping has come far since the opening of Deluxe Corporation almost a hundred years ago. Small companies who mail invoices and paychecks often find that double window envelopes are not just convenient handle but in addition look like an authority.

The conveniently positioned double window with confidential self-seal envelopes allows the return address and forwarding address to be properly displayed on each check envelope. Fold, insert and seal for fast results once your accounting software has produced the formatted data onto the check.

With Deluxe Corporation’s efficient order system, you can shop for double window confidential self-seal envelopes online and quickly receive your order within days. They offer quantities of 250, 500, 1000, 2000 and 2500 units. If your company writes a lot of checks or invoices every month, it is sensible to modernize your mailing through the use of this time-saving method.

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The confidential pattern keeps contents from showing through. Self-seal saves time and makes mailing easier.

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Double Window Confidential Self Seal Envelope

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