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Deposit Tickets – 3-On-A-Page

The easy way to make deposits for users of 3-On-A-Page Checks! Guaranteed to work with your bank, these deposit tickets improve processing and meet the precise requirements of today’s Image Character Recognition (ICR) technology.

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Size: 12 15/16 X 9

If you use three-on-a-page checks in your business, why not order corresponding 3-on-a-page deposit tickets to match? As a business person, you understand the need to streamline costs and this set does that for you and more. They’re assured to fit seamlessly with your 3-on-a-page check binder.

Image Character Recognition (ICR) equipment improves bank processing and your new deposit tickets work seamlessly with today’s banking technology. Order your tickets in 1-part/original or 2-parts/duplicate copies. Carbons are included with every set. Order Quantities of 150, 300, 600, 900, and 1200 count for the office.

Security and high quality are second to none for this century-long printing company. Their financial printing services meet or exceed all Federal banking guidelines for Image Character Recognition (ICR). With your order, you get free personalization options which include your company imprint plus a choice of typeface and standard logo. Additional customization choices include imprinting your custom brand on the 3-on-a-page deposit tickets.

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Handy format! 3-up format, 7-hole punched to fit in check binders. Entry lines. Includes 21 lines on the back for check entries. Makes for easy processing! All boxes are formatted for ICR processing.

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Deposit Tickets - 3-On-A-Page

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