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Do you still write business checks? I do and so does my wife and all my suppliers and clients. It seems strange in these days when business is done by credit card that the use of checks for business and consumer use is still very much in demand. Checks can be used by anyone to purchase something or to make payments. Rather than visiting a bank to buy business checks, you can now do it online and save a lot of time and money. One way to go is with “Checks Unlimited Business” checks.

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The high cost of commercial bank checks

When you physically visit your commercial bank and make an order for your business checks, the process is not initiated quickly. The process only starts when the bank executive processes the order. They charge you a markup for the process above the printing costs. Not only this, after the order is placed, the bank sends the order to the printing company which consumes even more time.

Ordering business checks on the Internet is initiated by you directly and the checks are delivered to your address quickly. There is no middleman involved since you are ordering from the vendor or their representative. Choose from an assortment of styles to fit your needs. You can get 3-On-a Page checks, desk sets or computer checks for your accounting software.

Branding is the key with business checks

Ordering business checks Online is a wonderful way to brand your company and instill a sense of confidence and trust in the receiver. For example, when your company logo and mission statement is on your check, it displays your company’s professionalism. You can even place an order for a customized business check without exorbitant fees otherwise incurred at a commercial bank. Business.checksunlimited.com does offer this important service at a very reasonable charge.

You can get even better rates when ordering accessories along with your checks. Branded binders and covers, stamps, window envelopes and address labels can be purchased along with deposit slips to round out your branding and marketing. There are some online companies do not offer customized business checks at all so be cautious when shopping around.

Security against fraud and identity theft

Checks Unlimited Business checks come in a variety of styles and includes EZShield fraud protection.  I recommend that you order 12 months’ supply at a time to get the best deal on printing and shipping. You will save a few dollars per box for EZ Shield Basic and the security is worth it when dealing with vendors who appreciate the extra protection that it brings.

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Ordering financial material from an online company may sound risky but it isn’t. Checks Unlimited insures your privacy with several encrypted systems in place. Their online ordering system is as is secure if not safer to use as your own online bank. In this age of rampant credit card identity theft, business checking is proving to be a safe alternative for commercial financial transactions. Perhaps that is why so many businesses still write checks.