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All Clear Single Pocket Deposit Bag 9 x 12

Make deposits after hours, and protect deposits from theft with heavy duty bags that meet all Federal Reserve guidelines! Tamper-evident tape closures and additional features protect against theft or alteration.

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Size: 9 x 12

All clear single pocket deposit bags are the safest bags around. There are also tamper evident safety deposit bags. The material used for tamper evident security deposit bags is water and tear resistant. All clear single pocket deposit bag are strong as their side elements are produced from heavy duty plastic. Security deposit bags are transported by means of armored autos.

Plastic safety deposit bags have already been well-respected for several many years. Plastic security deposit bags have currently been well-liked for several many years. The bags that are designed for this objective are the highest tamper-evident security packaging system around.

They have a one-of-a-kind serial number printed on the bag and the receipt. They are useful and ecologically friendly. The bags are manufactured from all-clear #4 recyclable plastic with top-over-bottom pockets to separate cash from checks. They are very helpful and discrete for making deposits, anytime. The bag includes a tear-off receipt to retain for your records. You are able to order in packs of 100, 200,300,400 and 500.

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Functional and eco-friendly. All-clear #4 recyclable plastic with a single pocket. Easy to use. Unique serial # printed on bag and receipt. Handy. Tear-off receipt included.

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All Clear Single Pocket Deposit Bag 9 x 12

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