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3-On-A-Page Deskbook Portfolio, 6 Ring

Organize your checkbook, register, files, bills and deposit tickets in this upscale zippered portfolio, made of rich leather-like vinyl.

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Size: 12 x 12 1/2

When business owners find it necessary to keep vital information at their fingertips while on the go they, seek to stay organized with the help of a compact portfolio. Organizing business material and financial information gets a lot easier when you have everything in one neat package. The 3-On-A-Page Deskbook Portfolio with a 6 Ring connector helps to keep all the assorted files, papers, bills and receipts in a tidy leather-like case for easy access.

There is room for the electronic gadgets as well; store the smartphone, the calculator and pocket laser pointer in the handy compartments along with credit cards and assorted pens, pencils, and highlighters for the next meeting. Deluxe designed the Deskbook portfolio to work with the End-Stub and Home Accountant checks. Today’s 3-On-A Page Deskbook Portfolio with a 6 Ring binder has been reconfigured and improved to accommodate the needs of business owners and their gadgets.

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Check compatibility: Designed for Duplicate Deskbook (56500N) checks. Handy pockets: Includes pockets for 8 1/2 x 11 folders and business or credit cards.

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3-On-A-Page Deskbook Portfolio, 6 Ring

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