TACH-IT Tagging Gun

Secure tags to fabric without damage! Easy-to-use tagging guns use 1 or 3 fasteners to attach price, inventory control and other tags to all types of fabric.

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TACH-IT Tagging guns are helpful for many retail price tagging jobs, this one is extremely reliable. Utilize it for clothing, leather, canvas or other materials. You’ll receive lots of needles and barbs together with your tagging gun. It is perfect for everyday use within the store or in the field. This one is sturdy and dependable; you can order a lot much more needles if the occasion calls for them.

There’s no need to damage your fabric. The TACH-IT Tagging Gun comes with a highly polished steel needle that a patented design to stop damage to your material. Heavy Duty Pro-Tack Needles for industrial-grade steel replacement needles match all Tach-It guns for savings, substantial quality and efficiency.

This unit is easy to operate. Also order the one Inch Plastic Fasteners (Item# 430), 2 Inch Good Fabric Fasteners (Item# 432), 12 Inch Plastic Ties, (Item# PT12).

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Ideal for heavy fabrics, like denim or upholstery!

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TACH-IT Tagging Gun

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