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Harland Business Checks

Harland Clarke Business Checks

You may not be familiar with Harland Clarke and their services but chances are your bank or credit union are their customers. The company provides financial products and services to over 11,000 institutions across the country. Their corporate clients range from Fortune 500 companies to micro-businesses as well as individual consumers.

Harland business checks has undergone a complete rebranding and it now know as  “” which seems like a strange move for a company that used to be a reputable established brand in banking supplies. Since so much of ordering checks is about reputation, we feel it is best to wait for this new brand to become more established.

Also, in order to actually see the prices or place an order with “” you must log in with your bank account information which makes it difficult to comparison shop.

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If you’re a small or mid-size business owner, you understand the importance of having sound financial materials working to ensure your company’s prosperity. Harland Clarke has been a leader in business services throughout the United States providing a wide variety of solutions, services and products. Harland business checks can be purchased online in a variety of formats for small businesses as well as mid-sized companies.

Accounts payable checks

These checks contain all the information needed for general accounts payable transactions. Take a look at the popular 3-to-a-page checks that serve a wide assortment of business transactions. They feature high-end security built right into every check. Color-coded security graphics such as green, yellow and blue safety checks are available all as well as Burgundy and blue marble checks. Take a look at the tan parchment checks notable for its unique design. You can also purchase 3-to-a- page binders as well.

Multipurpose checks

If you’re looking for flexibility in your general check writing needs these should fit the bill. Multipurpose checks are available in our wide variety of colors and designs. Choose from a number of high quality professional graphics to enhance your image. These are available in 3-to-a-page format to fit in both the 3-ring and the 7-ring binders.

Payroll checks

This product is a specific subset of accounts payable, payroll checks are designed to maximize accounting processes and avoid costly mistakes. Payroll checks are available in a variety of colors and designs and can also include custom logo printing. Promote your brand while dispensing monthly wages. Harland business checks are known for their high quality and low prices but you can also expect great graphics and custom designs as well. Consider adding the payroll binder to your next order.

Ordering your Harland business checks is easy;  just login to the website and browse the section relating to check ordering section and begin filling in the appropriate information for your business checks. You’ll need your routing and transit number which is the nine digit number located in the bottom left corner of your check. Once you’re done, enter the account number which is the set of numbers appearing just after the routing number to the right of the check sequence number at the bottom. Ensure that all information is correct and proceed to billing.

Harland business checks not only offer great prices but speedy delivery as well. Their high-tech security features meet all federal banking regulations and are accepted everywhere. Take advantage of the low prices to include accessories with your check orders such as check folders and three ring or seven ring binders. You can also order manual or computer check value packs for general purposes, accounts payable and payroll.

Buy Business Checks Online

It’s a simple process to order business checks online. The greatest hurdle most business owners encounter is choosing the right company. Start by determining what kinds of checks you’re going to be using.  Many small businesses may not require separate check formats for accounts payable, payroll and accounts receivable transactions. Consult your accountant for more details.

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How to Choose Your Business Check Design

Business Check Designs

Companies like Harland, Costco and Wal-Mart, Check Crafters, Checks in the Mail Business Checks, Checks Unlimited Business Checks, Deluxe Business Checks and iPrint Business Cards all offer excellent value and secure online purchasing . Many of these companies offer custom designs to include your company’s brand.


The simplest decision is if to make use of the printer’s standard logo design that is normally included in the package. Within this situation, all that’s needed is to achieve the logo design produced if there’s none. This could then be delivered to the printing company for use. Some companies could even create these logos for clients if asked for. Other custom designs can also be published to be used where needed. Just before going wild with designs, confer with your bank. It’s not all designs may be identified by all banking institutions. Even though this is rare, it is advisable to prevent trading money than finding they can’t supply.

Finding a Reputable Company

You will find a lot of companies on the web offering check printing services. Not everyone is trustworthy plus some won’t provide quality items. So, when you wish to order business checks doesn’t simply make use of the name that appears inside a search. Also bear in mind, not every designs work for business reasons. Whenever you order business checks online they may be used like a branding tool, and you need to result in the right impression. Avoid companies that send junk e-mail advertising their services and don’t use companies which have received poor reviews from former clients. Don’t buy from company which has no contact information online.

We represent the largest and most respected business check printing companies:

How To Buy Business Checks Online Securely

Nowadays purchasing anything on the Internet is generally quite safe. Most Internet consumers have grown to be savvy at while using technology, but you will find still rules to follow along with to prevent online ripoffs. The very first rule of shopping online is to find from the secure website. Secure sites frequently possess a URL beginning with ‘https’ rather than just ‘http’. They likewise have a closed padlock situated at the end right side of the browser window. Even sites that appear to become secure might not be, so further research.

This might include searching for reviews. When it involves your financial security and staying away from id theft, its smart to become careful. When the time comes to put your order, follow your stomach feeling about the organization. You will find a lot of companies to select from that creating one with apparently bargains may help you save over time. Just make certain your bank accepts financial instruments from the organization you’ve selected.

Business Check Binders

Check Binders

Business check binders might seem like a frivolous expense at first glance, after all, isn’t a checkbook supposed to be a book? The problem though is that if you own a business you’re far more likely to have more official requirements that dictate a different size checkbook format. If you are not organized properly one or two misplaced slips could cost you quite a bit of money. For this reason it is important to organize your checks for easy record-keeping.

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If you’re like me and you have wallet size business checks for travel convenience but also use the Three-On-A-Page checks in the office, you’ll want to get everything organized properly to keep your business checks in a safe place. Business check binders offer an advantage to your company. Your paychecks and vendor payments are important.

Those seven-ring check binders are quite handy around the office. When I order my business checks online, they fit perfectly in the D-shaped rings easily. These business check binders are meant for the Three-On-A-Page sheets. They are compatible with the seven-hole check sheets. Be sure to specify when you place your order.

They’re very cost effective and come in several colors from a variety of manufacturers. Some companies even sell the business check binders in leather. Some come with interior pockets and pen holders similar to those custom leather portfolios. I have no problem with a little decadence now and then but I’m partial to the sturdy burgundy vinyl business check binder that I’ve had for years.

Many of the Internet check any factoring companies will offer special deals to new customers. They will often have reduced prices for their binders, desk sets, and seven-ring check binders. If you’re lucky enough to come across that deal, I recommend you jump on it.

Choose a style and color that closely matches your business identity. If you’re the type of person who prefers something a little more high end, you’re sure to find that online as well. They’re quite a few hand tooled custom leather seven-ring business check binders available in a variety of colors and styles. Let me tell you right now, they are expensive but if that is the way you perceive the value of your business, so be it.

You can find business check binders at most of the major office supply stores as well. The deals aren’t as great as the ones I’ve found online but I do recommend getting one when you can. One of the most complete designs for business check binder contained a business card holder as well as the interior pocket for the pen set.

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These products are not usually manufactured by the printing companies but are used as additional products to include in their line. If you use Three-On-A-Page or even print your own checks, I recommend you get one of these business check binders for your office. Watch out for small business starter packs that may include binders. Protect your checks and keep them organized regularly today.

Inexpensive Designer Business Checks

Having to order checks from the bank is a costly proposition both in time and money. Not only because you’ll be spending more but because you won’t have much control over the look of your business checks. What smart entrepreneurs are doing instead is taking the initiative to buy designer business checks.

There are 2 ways to have designer business checks and neither is expensive. One is to upload one of your own photo images and use it as the background on your checks. You can use any image: your store or office, or business logo, a picture of your staff… let your imagination run wild.

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The second approach is to select one of Check Crafters’ profession checks designs. The business check styles include “contractor”, “florist”, “fine dining” and over 20 more.

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Getting your checks from online printers is not very difficult. There are many prominent companies that have been servicing the financial market for decades. They have transitioned part of their business model to service the broader and extremely profitable market of online orders.

Because it is a competitive field, they’ve added many high-quality services including a wide variety of designer checks. You can find great deals in just a few mouse clicks. Although the price may be low the quality of the material is not. When you work with a reputable check printing company you get high quality paper with a variety of security printing methods included. Among the wide variety of designer choices are:

  • classic design
  • hip and cool
  • Disney checks
  • Warner Bros.
  • animals
  • wildlife
  • religious art
  • landscapes
  • custom design your own

If you’re a business person and you’re serious about the look of your brand, I recommend you choose the last option. This gives you the opportunity to add your logo or any other symbol that represents your company. Think this through carefully because many of these companies offer more than just a simple designer check.

You can carry the same theme all the way through from your business checks to your stationary, business cards, envelopes and mailing labels. This gives you a completely uniform look that your clients and prospects will respect.

Once you’ve chosen the design for your designer business checks take the time to read up on any custom options that you may want to take advantage of at this point. Look for a special that they may have, such as package deals. Some companies will offer a steep discount if you purchase a package which includes their office stamps envelopes and etc.

Understand that the major printing companies are not looking for a simple one time order. They put a lot of effort into delivering the goods in order to get you coming back time and time again. They’ve learned that the value of a customer is not in the first order but in the repeat business and referrals.

When you order designer business checks for the first time be sure to have all your banking information ready to enter into the application form. You’re going to need your bank number and routing number as well as basic information on your bank. You want to need basic information on your business such as name, address etc.

Double check all entries to ensure that they are correct. If you need accessories such as deposit slips, company stamp, envelopes or other items, check those off after you’ve filled out the printing information and verified them.

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Buy Payroll Checks

Payroll & Disbursement Checks

Why would you want to buy payroll checks from your bank? They build levels of bureaucracy that works against you both time and money. Why not get your payroll checks directly from the companies banks use to print their financial materials? In this article I’m going to explain how simple it is to purchase payroll checks on the Internet.

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Although there has been a significant downturn in the use of checks by consumers over the last 10 years, paychecks still constitute a large portion of paper transactions in the US and Canada. The majority of small and medium-sized businesses still generate billions of dollars in annual transactions between employers and employees.

Computer software has made accounting far easier and accessible to the average business owner. Regardless of whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees, bookkeeping and accounting software allow for fast and accurate tracking and printing of payroll checks. Many smart entrepreneurs have figured out that with a click of the mouse, they can get a substantial discount from online check printers.

If you are the person responsible for writing business checks, you know how much of a headache it can be when payday comes around. If you’ve managed to save yourself the hassle of doing all this work by hand, the value of computer payroll checks is obvious too. Various online sources have a variety of styles to choose from and the majority of Internet-based printing companies who specialize in checks and business products tend to have the full line of software compatible laser checks. If you use QuickBooks or Quicken, MYOB or Peachtree, there is usually a liberal selection of styles in each format for you to conveniently get your employees paid.

Another thing that many people outside of business take for granted is the matter of check fraud. Internet check printing companies still continue to do business with major financial institutions throughout North America. They have carved out a specific niche through their direct to consumer services. Although they deal in large volume printing, they have instituted security measures to counter check alteration or check fraud.

The majority of manufacturers use security bond paper that contains a secret chemical reactive. Artificial and true watermarks are embedded along with fluorescent fibers to ensure that banks and financial institutions can verify the authenticity of your checks. The use of advanced security papers help to deter most would-be forgers or catch the ones who attempt the crime.

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Another great feature available on almost all online check companies is 24 hour delivery if needed. You can buy payroll checks online today and receive them tomorrow. Because there is such strong competition between companies, compare prices. The quality is fairly consistent from company to company, so the biggest issue will be price, packages and postage. Some companies will offer free shipping to qualified customers. Some of the larger companies such as Deluxe, Intuit and Rapid Forms have volume discounts for larger firms but will also extend that option to small businesses as well.

Buy Business Checks

Deluxe Business Checks

There are roughly 27,110,362 businesses in the US in 2007. That number has grown since then and inspired of the economic downturn these firms have one significant thing in common; they all buy business checks. They may not all buy them from the same source, however.

There are two primary types of business checks that you can buy:

  1. Laser business checks that automatically print from your accounting software. To see prices and buy laser business checks click here >>
  2. Manual business checks that are meant to be written by hand. For full selection and to buy manual business checks, click here >>

Whether you are a construction company or work in a professional, scientific and technical services arena, business checks are still being written or printed and handed out to employees, vendors and even to social causes. So the question is where are you getting your business checks?

Even with the rise in automated clearinghouse (ACH) processing and electronic benefits transactions (EBT), business checks are still going strong for the two of $30.6 billion in transactions. They are portable, verifiable, secure and traditional. Whether you write your checks by hand or synchronize their printing from your accounting software, checks still leave an indelible paper trail.

To order business checks, go surfing with your favorite browser. If you are a first-time buyer, fire up your favorite search engine and input “buy business checks”. You will be instantly taken to a list of high ranking companies that specialize in business printing and more specifically security checks.

The term “business checks” can refer to a lot of items. It can refer to computer checks, checks that are formatted to specific accounting software, for example quick books checks and MYOB checks. There are also manual checks such as One Wright System checks and Three Per Page book checks and deposit slips. There is also blank check paper for laser and inkjet printers.

Whatever the small business owner may need, from payroll, accounts payable to custom checks in stock checks for popular accounting software, online printers handle a wide variety of jobs in large quantities. Because they deal in volume orders, they can afford to give you an extremely competitive price.

There are security features embedded in their production procedures to thwart any check forgery or tampering. Many printers offer advanced security papers that contain optical deterrent technology. They will usually embed fluorescent fibers or micro-printing as well as artificial and true watermark processing.

As the saying goes, their work is so good; you can take it to the bank. Once you find the right company to buy business checks, choose the style that fits the company’s image and then check to see if you can get your logo printed on the checks for free.

Look for a special starter packages or other deals that may include the type of checks you’re looking for. Take a look at the accessories to ensure that you’re not overlooking. Don’t forget to check the websites monthly special for any value-added coupons or offers that can reduce the price of your order.

Once you’ve chosen your style and any additional accessories, sign up to be contacted by e-mail. Most of these companies will run specials on stationary, business cards or even envelopes and self sticking stamps. Now enter the shopping Cart to buy business checks.

There are two primary types of business checks that you can buy:

  1. Laser business checks that automatically print from your accounting software. To see prices and buy laser business checks click here >>
  2. Manual business checks that are meant to be written by hand. For full selection and to buy manual business checks, click here >>

Costco Business Checks

Costco Business Checks

Purchasing business checks from the local banks has always been routine for small business owners in the past. Now more and more, small businesses are looking to online solutions such as Cosco business checks. As small businesses tighten their belts while looking for increased value in their vendor services, it really helps to get personalized attention along with low-price and quick delivery from one reputable source.

The downside of Costco business checks is that the best prices are reserved for Costco members. For an alternative…

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Dual purpose business checks

There are a variety of business checks to choose from and a lot of online sources can get you good results; Cosco has been a proven leader in providing small business services and their financial printing department is top-notch. They can provide you with quality dual-purpose and multipurpose business checks.

Proprietor checks

These manual checks are available in convenient packs. They are perfect for business people on the go and come complete with duplicate checks, deposit slips and business register. Cosco has made them available for order in two boxes off 300 checks, three boxes of 450 checks, four boxes of 600 checks and five boxes of 750 checks. Each pack includes: 150 duplicate checks, 50 deposit tickets in separate book, business register, tri-fold vinyl cover, 6″ x 2-3/4″

General purpose business checks (up to 10 invoices)

Most small businesses use basic financial accounting and recordkeeping and thus require general-purpose financial transaction records. Basic general-purpose checks are available in two boxes of 600, four boxes of 1200, six boxes of 1800, eight boxes of 2400, and 10 boxes of 3000. This set is by far the most popular format for the market. Add the seven ring premier business binder to these 3-to–a-page checks to maintain organization in your finances.

Itemized invoice business checks (up to 7 invoices)

Pay your invoices in style with these high quality Cosco business checks. The available styles include: blue, yellow, blue marble, green marble, gray, green, Spirit of America, pink, Engard, Caramel marble, Burgundy marble and Blue Sheffield. You can purchase packs of 600, 1200, 1800, 2,400 and 3,000 units.

Payroll business check – salaried employees

These checks are specially designed for payroll and can be purchased in a variety of colors as mentioned above. There also available in packs of 600, 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3,000. You may at the option of a stock logo or custom logo to this order as well as omit logos altogether. These checks are 7 ring binder compatible, 8-1/4″ x 3-1/24″, and available in 1 single style check or 2 parts with carbonless duplicate.

Payroll business check – hourly employees

For hourly employees the specialty pack is perfect for small business needs. Order the sets in quantities of 600, 1200, 1800, 2400, and 3000. These checks are 7 ring binder compatible, 8-1/4″ x 3-1/24″, and available in 1 single check style or 2 parts with carbonless duplicate.

Cosco business checks meet all the security standards set by the federal banking commission. They are universally accepted by major financial institutions across the nation and even around the world.