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Order Business Checks – Save up to 50% online

Job One: Saving Money on Business Checks…

The reason this site exists is because, like many of other small business owners, I ordered business checks from my bank. One day it occurred to me that maybe over $1 each for basic cheap business checks was totally excessive (not to mention the fees on my account for actually using the check, but that’s another topic). The fact is that big banks like Bank of America, and Chase counts on their customers being too busy or lazy to bother seeking more inexpensive business checks online.

The good news for you is that just by ordering your business checks and check accessories online, you will save 50 to 75% off of what the bank will charge you and that’s without factoring in the added convenience and time savings.

Business Check Printing Companies.

There are many companies that can print business checks. Below we have done a comparison of the most reputable ones that we have found.

CompanyLocationProducts OfferedCost of Basic ChecksSpecials

Deluxe for Business

Founded – 1915

BBB accredited – Yes

3680 Victoria Street North
Shoreview, MN 55126-2966
Deluxe offers a vast line of products. Business checks, all forms and record keeping products, deposit slips, address labels, stamps & daters.3-On-A-Page Business Size Checks, Side-Tear Voucher
300 – $30.75
(~.10 each)
40% off on your initial order

Checks Unlimited

Founded – 1986

BBB accredited – Yes

P.O. Box 18500,
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-8500
Checks Unlimited offers a full line of address labels, check accessories, and business checks, as well as personal checks.3-On-A-Page Business Size Checks, Side-Tear Voucher
(~.11 each)
10% off on all online orders

Checks in the Mail
Business Essentials

Founded – 1922

BBB accredited – Yes

2435 Goodwin Lane
New Braunfels, TX 78135-0001
Checks in the Mail – Business Essentials offers a full line of business checking supplies as well as business stationery and personal checks.2 per Page
Business Size Checks, Side-Tear Voucher
(~.14 each)
Varies, visit site for latest Checks in the Mail discount offers
Check Crafters(now merged with Checks Unlimited)
Your Business Bank

BBB accredited – maybe

localBusiness checks and checkbooks etc.Bank Prices – up to $1 per check!None

*Disclaimer: Many hours of work have gone into compiling the information presented on this site. Therefore most of the links on this site are affiliate links. We may receive compensation for any purchases made as a result of your use of this site.

Checks Unlimited Business Checks

Checks Unlimited Business Checks Website

Do you still write business checks? I do and so does my wife and all my suppliers and clients. It seems strange in these days when business is done by credit card that the use of checks for business and consumer use is still very much in demand. Checks can be used by anyone to purchase something or to make payments. Rather than visiting a bank to buy business checks, you can now do it online and save a lot of time and money. One way to go is with “Checks Unlimited Business” checks.

Click for check pricing and ordering >>

The high cost of commercial bank checks

When you physically visit your commercial bank and make an order for your business checks, the process is not initiated quickly. The process only starts when the bank executive processes the order. They charge you a markup for the process above the printing costs. Not only this, after the order is placed, the bank sends the order to the printing company which consumes even more time.

Ordering business checks on the Internet is initiated by you directly and the checks are delivered to your address quickly. There is no middleman involved since you are ordering from the vendor or their representative. Choose from an assortment of styles to fit your needs. You can get 3-On-a Page checks, desk sets or computer checks for your accounting software.

Branding is the key with business checks

Ordering business checks Online is a wonderful way to brand your company and instill a sense of confidence and trust in the receiver. For example, when your company logo and mission statement is on your check, it displays your company’s professionalism. You can even place an order for a customized business check without exorbitant fees otherwise incurred at a commercial bank. does offer this important service at a very reasonable charge.

You can get even better rates when ordering accessories along with your checks. Branded binders and covers, stamps, window envelopes and address labels can be purchased along with deposit slips to round out your branding and marketing. There are some online companies do not offer customized business checks at all so be cautious when shopping around.

Security against fraud and identity theft

Checks Unlimited Business checks come in a variety of styles and includes EZShield fraud protection.  I recommend that you order 12 months’ supply at a time to get the best deal on printing and shipping. You will save a few dollars per box for EZ Shield Basic and the security is worth it when dealing with vendors who appreciate the extra protection that it brings.

Click for check prices and ordering >>

Ordering financial material from an online company may sound risky but it isn’t. Checks Unlimited insures your privacy with several encrypted systems in place. Their online ordering system is as is secure if not safer to use as your own online bank. In this age of rampant credit card identity theft, business checking is proving to be a safe alternative for commercial financial transactions. Perhaps that is why so many businesses still write checks.

Inexpensive Designer Business Checks

Having to order checks from the bank is a costly proposition both in time and money. Not only because you’ll be spending more but because you won’t have much control over the look of your business checks. What smart entrepreneurs are doing instead is taking the initiative to buy designer business checks.

There are 2 ways to have designer business checks and neither is expensive. One is to upload one of your own photo images and use it as the background on your checks. You can use any image: your store or office, or business logo, a picture of your staff… let your imagination run wild.

Click here to see details and pricing on cool custom image business checks >>

The second approach is to select one of Check Crafters’ profession checks designs. The business check styles include “contractor”, “florist”, “fine dining” and over 20 more.

Click here to see all of the custom Professions series of business checks >>

Getting your checks from online printers is not very difficult. There are many prominent companies that have been servicing the financial market for decades. They have transitioned part of their business model to service the broader and extremely profitable market of online orders.

Because it is a competitive field, they’ve added many high-quality services including a wide variety of designer checks. You can find great deals in just a few mouse clicks. Although the price may be low the quality of the material is not. When you work with a reputable check printing company you get high quality paper with a variety of security printing methods included. Among the wide variety of designer choices are:

  • classic design
  • hip and cool
  • Disney checks
  • Warner Bros.
  • animals
  • wildlife
  • religious art
  • landscapes
  • custom design your own

If you’re a business person and you’re serious about the look of your brand, I recommend you choose the last option. This gives you the opportunity to add your logo or any other symbol that represents your company. Think this through carefully because many of these companies offer more than just a simple designer check.

You can carry the same theme all the way through from your business checks to your stationary, business cards, envelopes and mailing labels. This gives you a completely uniform look that your clients and prospects will respect.

Once you’ve chosen the design for your designer business checks take the time to read up on any custom options that you may want to take advantage of at this point. Look for a special that they may have, such as package deals. Some companies will offer a steep discount if you purchase a package which includes their office stamps envelopes and etc.

Understand that the major printing companies are not looking for a simple one time order. They put a lot of effort into delivering the goods in order to get you coming back time and time again. They’ve learned that the value of a customer is not in the first order but in the repeat business and referrals.

When you order designer business checks for the first time be sure to have all your banking information ready to enter into the application form. You’re going to need your bank number and routing number as well as basic information on your bank. You want to need basic information on your business such as name, address etc.

Double check all entries to ensure that they are correct. If you need accessories such as deposit slips, company stamp, envelopes or other items, check those off after you’ve filled out the printing information and verified them.

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Get 20-30% off your first order at Check Crafters >> [use coupon Offer Code BWE210]

15% off business laser checks at Checks in the Mail >> [use offer code BIZ15]

Buy Computer Checks

Business Checks

The days when you had to buy your computer checks from the bank or the designated company they recommended is over. Small and midsize businesses can brand their checks with their own logos or choose a special design that fits their identity. With the help of online printing facilities, thousands of companies can now take control of the look and feel of the office checks.

Click to select your check software >>

It is possible to order your computer checks from an online facility and have them delivered the next day. One of the most amazing aspects of this recent development is the relatively low cost. You can buy your computer checks along with deposit slips for very little money. Some companies will even ship free of charge.

The most common computer checks around that many offices use in their printers are payroll checks. They are specifically designed to work with laser printers and now some even work with inkjets. They contain all the information for your company on a disk or computer program.

All of the top accounting programs have computerized setups to allow for printing on computer checks. The vast majority of Internet check printing companies supply the appropriate styles for each accounting company. If you use Peachtree as your program, just order the Peachtree computer checks and everything is already formatted and ready to go. You’ll find a wide selection at the top check printing manufacturers.
On we work with the 4 major business check printers:

  1. Deluxe Business Checks
  2. Check Crafters Business Checks
  3. Checks in the Mail Business Checks
  4. Checks Unlimited Business Checks

You no longer have to order checks from the bank for payroll at their price. Another major innovation that many small businesses with over 100 employees have gladly taken to is standing order. If you sign up, the company will notify you by e-mail at the appropriate time that you will need to reorder your supply. You can simply order online and have the new box delivered.

In the past, you’d have to order the paper from the accounting software company direct. Like the bank, the software company would add their own markup, which meant you’re paying for the privilege of buying they are brand. Now practically all the major Internet print manufacturers carry the various brands which mean substantial savings to you.

Now you can buy computer checks anytime you need them at a price that is as attractive as it is convenient. Many times, the best way to save money on office checks is to look at your complete stationery needs and determine what you’re going to require for administration purposes.

Many online retailers can supply you with manual checks, deposit products laser and inkjet checks, letterhead stationery, office stamps, envelopes, address labels, and accessories. They will gladly bundle the items you need into a package that is offered at a special discount for you. This is an excellent opportunity for you to buy computer checks at a deep discount.

Click to buy from Deluxe Business Checks >>

Once you sign up for regular e-mail notices, you’ll be able to participate in ongoing perks like free shipping. After your first order has been delivered the company will keep your information on file for future deliveries.

Buy Business Checks

Deluxe Business Checks

There are roughly 27,110,362 businesses in the US in 2007. That number has grown since then and inspired of the economic downturn these firms have one significant thing in common; they all buy business checks. They may not all buy them from the same source, however.

There are two primary types of business checks that you can buy:

  1. Laser business checks that automatically print from your accounting software. To see prices and buy laser business checks click here >>
  2. Manual business checks that are meant to be written by hand. For full selection and to buy manual business checks, click here >>

Whether you are a construction company or work in a professional, scientific and technical services arena, business checks are still being written or printed and handed out to employees, vendors and even to social causes. So the question is where are you getting your business checks?

Even with the rise in automated clearinghouse (ACH) processing and electronic benefits transactions (EBT), business checks are still going strong for the two of $30.6 billion in transactions. They are portable, verifiable, secure and traditional. Whether you write your checks by hand or synchronize their printing from your accounting software, checks still leave an indelible paper trail.

To order business checks, go surfing with your favorite browser. If you are a first-time buyer, fire up your favorite search engine and input “buy business checks”. You will be instantly taken to a list of high ranking companies that specialize in business printing and more specifically security checks.

The term “business checks” can refer to a lot of items. It can refer to computer checks, checks that are formatted to specific accounting software, for example quick books checks and MYOB checks. There are also manual checks such as One Wright System checks and Three Per Page book checks and deposit slips. There is also blank check paper for laser and inkjet printers.

Whatever the small business owner may need, from payroll, accounts payable to custom checks in stock checks for popular accounting software, online printers handle a wide variety of jobs in large quantities. Because they deal in volume orders, they can afford to give you an extremely competitive price.

There are security features embedded in their production procedures to thwart any check forgery or tampering. Many printers offer advanced security papers that contain optical deterrent technology. They will usually embed fluorescent fibers or micro-printing as well as artificial and true watermark processing.

As the saying goes, their work is so good; you can take it to the bank. Once you find the right company to buy business checks, choose the style that fits the company’s image and then check to see if you can get your logo printed on the checks for free.

Look for a special starter packages or other deals that may include the type of checks you’re looking for. Take a look at the accessories to ensure that you’re not overlooking. Don’t forget to check the websites monthly special for any value-added coupons or offers that can reduce the price of your order.

Once you’ve chosen your style and any additional accessories, sign up to be contacted by e-mail. Most of these companies will run specials on stationary, business cards or even envelopes and self sticking stamps. Now enter the shopping Cart to buy business checks.

There are two primary types of business checks that you can buy:

  1. Laser business checks that automatically print from your accounting software. To see prices and buy laser business checks click here >>
  2. Manual business checks that are meant to be written by hand. For full selection and to buy manual business checks, click here >>