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Business check binders might seem like a frivolous expense at first glance, after all, isn’t a checkbook supposed to be a book? The problem though is that if you own a business you’re far more likely to have more official requirements that dictate a different size checkbook format. If you are not organized properly one or two misplaced slips could cost you quite a bit of money. For this reason it is important to organize your checks for easy record-keeping.

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If you’re like me and you have wallet size business checks for travel convenience but also use the Three-On-A-Page checks in the office, you’ll want to get everything organized properly to keep your business checks in a safe place. Business check binders offer an advantage to your company. Your paychecks and vendor payments are important.

Those seven-ring check binders are quite handy around the office. When I order my business checks online, they fit perfectly in the D-shaped rings easily. These business check binders are meant for the Three-On-A-Page sheets. They are compatible with the seven-hole check sheets. Be sure to specify when you place your order.

They’re very cost effective and come in several colors from a variety of manufacturers. Some companies even sell the business check binders in leather. Some come with interior pockets and pen holders similar to those custom leather portfolios. I have no problem with a little decadence now and then but I’m partial to the sturdy burgundy vinyl business check binder that I’ve had for years.

Many of the Internet check any factoring companies will offer special deals to new customers. They will often have reduced prices for their binders, desk sets, and seven-ring check binders. If you’re lucky enough to come across that deal, I recommend you jump on it.

Choose a style and color that closely matches your business identity. If you’re the type of person who prefers something a little more high end, you’re sure to find that online as well. They’re quite a few hand tooled custom leather seven-ring business check binders available in a variety of colors and styles. Let me tell you right now, they are expensive but if that is the way you perceive the value of your business, so be it.

You can find business check binders at most of the major office supply stores as well. The deals aren’t as great as the ones I’ve found online but I do recommend getting one when you can. One of the most complete designs for business check binder contained a business card holder as well as the interior pocket for the pen set.

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These products are not usually manufactured by the printing companies but are used as additional products to include in their line. If you use Three-On-A-Page or even print your own checks, I recommend you get one of these business check binders for your office. Watch out for small business starter packs that may include binders. Protect your checks and keep them organized regularly today.

Deposit Tickets – 3-On-A-Page

The easy way to make deposits for users of 3-On-A-Page Checks! Guaranteed to work with your bank, these deposit tickets improve processing and meet the precise requirements of today’s Image Character Recognition (ICR) technology.

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Size: 12 15/16 X 9

If you use three-on-a-page checks in your business, why not order corresponding 3-on-a-page deposit tickets to match? As a business person, you understand the need to streamline costs and this set does that for you and more. They’re assured to fit seamlessly with your 3-on-a-page check binder.

Image Character Recognition (ICR) equipment improves bank processing and your new deposit tickets work seamlessly with today’s banking technology. Order your tickets in 1-part/original or 2-parts/duplicate copies. Carbons are included with every set. Order Quantities of 150, 300, 600, 900, and 1200 count for the office.

Security and high quality are second to none for this century-long printing company. Their financial printing services meet or exceed all Federal banking guidelines for Image Character Recognition (ICR). With your order, you get free personalization options which include your company imprint plus a choice of typeface and standard logo. Additional customization choices include imprinting your custom brand on the 3-on-a-page deposit tickets.

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Handy format! 3-up format, 7-hole punched to fit in check binders. Entry lines. Includes 21 lines on the back for check entries. Makes for easy processing! All boxes are formatted for ICR processing.

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Deposit Tickets - 3-On-A-Page

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Checks Unlimited Business Checks

Checks Unlimited Business Checks Website

Do you still write business checks? I do and so does my wife and all my suppliers and clients. It seems strange in these days when business is done by credit card that the use of checks for business and consumer use is still very much in demand. Checks can be used by anyone to purchase something or to make payments. Rather than visiting a bank to buy business checks, you can now do it online and save a lot of time and money. One way to go is with “Checks Unlimited Business” checks.

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The high cost of commercial bank checks

When you physically visit your commercial bank and make an order for your business checks, the process is not initiated quickly. The process only starts when the bank executive processes the order. They charge you a markup for the process above the printing costs. Not only this, after the order is placed, the bank sends the order to the printing company which consumes even more time.

Ordering business checks on the Internet is initiated by you directly and the checks are delivered to your address quickly. There is no middleman involved since you are ordering from the vendor or their representative. Choose from an assortment of styles to fit your needs. You can get 3-On-a Page checks, desk sets or computer checks for your accounting software.

Branding is the key with business checks

Ordering business checks Online is a wonderful way to brand your company and instill a sense of confidence and trust in the receiver. For example, when your company logo and mission statement is on your check, it displays your company’s professionalism. You can even place an order for a customized business check without exorbitant fees otherwise incurred at a commercial bank. does offer this important service at a very reasonable charge.

You can get even better rates when ordering accessories along with your checks. Branded binders and covers, stamps, window envelopes and address labels can be purchased along with deposit slips to round out your branding and marketing. There are some online companies do not offer customized business checks at all so be cautious when shopping around.

Security against fraud and identity theft

Checks Unlimited Business checks come in a variety of styles and includes EZShield fraud protection.  I recommend that you order 12 months’ supply at a time to get the best deal on printing and shipping. You will save a few dollars per box for EZ Shield Basic and the security is worth it when dealing with vendors who appreciate the extra protection that it brings.

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Ordering financial material from an online company may sound risky but it isn’t. Checks Unlimited insures your privacy with several encrypted systems in place. Their online ordering system is as is secure if not safer to use as your own online bank. In this age of rampant credit card identity theft, business checking is proving to be a safe alternative for commercial financial transactions. Perhaps that is why so many businesses still write checks.

Banking Supplies

If you have been considering where to order your business banking supplies then we are here to help. You can purchase high quality business checks, deposit slips, check registers, deposit bags and much more.  The reputable checking printing companies that we represent also carry offer excellent deals on business banking supplies and related products.

Business Checkbooks, Business Check Binders

If you’re shopping online for business checkbooks or business check binders you’ll want to ensure that the vendor you choose meets or exceeds federal standards for all banking security processes. If you wish to include your logo design or custom graphics for your business you’ll need to select a company that offers these features. The popular 3-on-a page check binders offer great value and will keep your checks and slips organized, which is very important to any small business owner.


Business Check Registers

Keeping your account properly updated is a chore but necessary in order to run your business successfully; business check registers assist you in tracking your expenses. Manual check registers allow you to enter all your information by hand. These preprinted sheets allow you to enter your calculations easily without the need for computer skills. These handsomely bound books allow business owners who prefer manual input to keep track of all their finances in one convenient place.


Bank Deposit Slips, Business Deposit Slips, Duplicate Deposit Slips

Small business owners are constantly running out of deposit slips. When you order your set online obtaining refills is easy as pressing a button. Just log into your account and select the reorder button and off you go. Many companies allow you to include your custom logo design to promote their brand. You can even get duplicate business deposit slips for your accounting software such as QuickBooks or MYOB. You only need to enter your business information and checking information once; when your account is set up you can place additional orders with a few simple mouse clicks.


Check Envelopes

These business check envelopes serve a dual purpose; they not only get your checks to their appointed recipient, they also promote your business brand. You may select between various sizes and formats; windowed envelopes allow you to quickly fold insert and seal the contents in while providing space for recipient’s name and address to show clearly. This one is a no-brainer.



Bank Deposit Bags, Coin Deposit Bags

Dropping off cash or coins with your bank just got easier with the help of bank deposit bags.  These bags offer organization and protection when making your drop-off day or night. Coin deposit bags are perfect for retailers who make daily or weekly runs to the bank with large amounts of coinage.




For best results find a source for all your business banking needs. Many of the largest online check printers offer a full range of banking supplies at great low prices.

Binder For Business Checks

Check Binders

If you bought a business for a few years you can appreciate the need to keep your finances organized properly. Many small business owners start out financing their business from their personal account before making the leap to DBA or corporate identity. At that point they’ve established a business account and receive their first batch of checks from the bank. Record-keeping becomes one of the key factors in ensuring the business running smoothly. One key decision that is made is the use of a binder for business checks.

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Whether you get the Three-On-A-Page format or the smaller format checkbook, a business binder keeps everything together while protecting your checks from the day-to-day wear and tear of life in the office. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a couple of coffee cup rings on the top of your leather or vinyl binder for business checks.

I keep a seven- ring binder that holds my Three-On-A-Page format checks. Keep in mind that binder is definitely not for use with personal check formats. The larger format sheets that you get from the printer will take either a three ring binder or are drilled for seven rings. They are extremely sturdy and will hold a few extra items. I keep my carbon less deposit slips in the same binder behind my checks. The binder also contains a pocket that allows me to slip in my receipts so that I can temporarily place them where they can be found later.

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These binders come in various colors and styles. You could go all out and get yourself a leather binder for business checks that are embossed with your company logo; I’ve seen those and they are beautiful. I tend to be a little more practical because I keep my check stubs in the binder so as it fills up, I then label the binder full of check stubs and file it away with the others. The binder usually has notes and other pieces of information along with the stubs that will jog my memory if I ever need to review or visit those records.

A binder for business checks is fairly inexpensive so I would rather place an order along with my checks. This allows me to start fresh while keeping everything organized and easy to access. The seven-ring binder is a popular format as it fits the three on a page deposit slips that many small businesses use. They are usually available in charcoal, blue and green vinyl for about $12-$16.00 each.

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When I first started using them I felt like they made me think about my finances more professionally than I’m ever done. The act of putting everything together with the checks and statements then filling it in each day kept me focused on cash flow. I also realized that it is advantageous to order everything at once to get the major discounts that are offered through online printers. Whenever I order my checks I refresh my business cards and stationery as well.

Business Check Registers

Checkbook Registers

I’ve always had organizational issues keeping track of checkbook transactions when things get busy. For years I would drive my accountant crazy because it took me four ever to retrace my steps or find the various pieces of papers on which I hastily wrote my transaction notes. When I got my first business checkbook folder that came with an additional book called the register.

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My new accountant sat me down and demonstrated to me the proper procedure for filling out my transaction records. He explained that business check registers allow me to keep track of my checking account balance. Rather than backtracking to figure out where the money was spent, the simple layout allowed me to jot down the essentials quickly and easily.

I use the Three-On-A-Page format for my business checks and my registers allow them for a total of 480 entries. It is easy to use and guides me through the process of finding my accurate account balance quickly.

There are registers out there that are essentially spreadsheets. You fire up the computer in order to input the information and the tally is automatically as you go. If you find it more comforting to have it in black and white, this method requires no electricity. You can always order extra registers when you get your business checks as well.

Even in this era of digital communications, there are still a lot of people who prefer to enter their information by hand. The act of record-keeping somehow keeps them sane and in control of their situation. Business check registers offer a solid method of keeping track of checks written, bank balances and detail expenses. I’ve met quite a few individuals who then place their registers in attractive leather binders for storage on shelves. They can track all their expenditures back 10 years without ever turning on a computer.

So although the trend is moving toward computer programs like QuickBooks and MYOB, hundreds of thousands of businesses still provide solid records of information regarding their financial transactions on paper. Of course, even with the billions of dollars of transactions each year that occur in small and midsized businesses, the simple check remains a dominant force for financial transactions.

Men and women still write checks and send them off in the mail. Many businesses still prefer to keep manual records of their cash flow and expenses. They use simple business check registers to get the job done. There are others who do both; information is routinely entered into the check register throughout the week and everything is handed off to the bookkeeper. The computerized records are available if needed but the business owners have the material on hand for personal review.

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There is nothing wrong with using either one or both methods in business. It is simply a matter of preference on their part. To purchase business check registers, go to your online printing vendor and scroll through to the business checks category. You will be able to find it there.

Business Checks Binder

Business Check Binders

Several years into my small business ownership I decided it is time to organize my finances. Before then I was basically working out of my personal checking account and winging it when it came to proper record keeping. As business started growing I had to make some decisions about how I was going to run the company. The accountant I was working with clearly felt beleaguered by the number of missing check stubs, receipts and incomplete transaction records. He recommended that I move on to business checks in the proper business checks binder.

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He showed me his set up and I was impressed. The binder was meant to keep manual business checks in order and have about 500 pages. The style of checks he used was a Three-On-A-Page style that actually looked professional. I immediately called my bank and made arrangements to set up the account. What I didn’t know at the time and how much my bank was going to gouge me for the service.

Every year since then I made sure that I have my own official looking business checks binder. These seven ring binders are used exclusively with business-size checks not the personal check style. You’ll usually find them organizing the three on one page checks. That format allows for easy viewing, easy record-keeping as well as efficient storage. They’re good for general disbursement checks, payroll checks or multipurpose voucher checks.

One of the things I realized when I matured into my business was that everything I did was connected to how the business was perceived. How I presented myself and the tools that I used was a reflection of my business.  When I began to treat my administrative duties with that same level of commitment I realized that getting and staying organized financially was just as, or almost as important as my sales.

My personal preference is for The-Three-On-One page checks. I can open my binder begin making payment entries and log in a record of each with no problem. As mentioned above you can get different styles for different purposes. Some manufacturers even make checks for left-handed customers.

There are many different options available now. The seven ring business checks binder is a very popular format for small businesses and is frequently recommended by accountants. I still haven’t found one in an office supply store. They are invaluable to keep my business checks and deposit slips organized. It is a deterrent to coffee stains and juice spills around here.

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You’ll recognize them by the D rings that makes it easy to flip through the pages. When you’re running out of checks you might be tempted to remove the stubs and reuse the binder for a fresh set. I found it much more convenient to simply order my business Kit from the vendor complete with a new binder. I then label the old binder with the checks series and store it for record keeping purposes. It’s a simple and efficient way of tracking and cross referencing.

Business Logo Checks

Business Checks with Logo

When I first started my business, I was stuck on the blue pinstripe business checks. Although I had spent a lot of time energy and money establishing a look for my company, the only options I had in terms of checkbook styles were flowers, nature scenes and the tried and true blue grey pattern. Years later, I discovered that printing companies allowed you to create custom business logo checks. They cost an arm and a leg back then.

NOTE: Any business checks can be printed with your logo.

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Now I can get my business logo checks for less than what the banks charged me for basic blue grey pinstripe. If you go online and open up your favorite search engine, you can find those companies that offer logos by searching for “business logo checks”. You would be surprised at how many large business support printers offer this free of charge. Just be sure to have your logo in a format that is acceptable to the printing company and upload when you’re ready to place your order.

If you’re a new business, you’ll find that quite a few of the companies offer logo design as part of their service. If you’re currently using a company and never really considered business logo checks, I would recommend looking a little closer at their website to see if they promote it as one of their options.

Your logo is important because it represents your business. It is a short cut for your promotional material. Branding is a significant part of marketing because it shapes the views of the general public and especially your target market. When your checks are delivered to a vendor or organization, it represents your identity. This is definitely not something you’ll want to short change. Your checks like your business cards are a proxy that takes your place when you’re not there to represent yourself.

This option is usually available on a variety of business check styles because different businesses have different needs. Look for this as a free option on the business check websites and look for their specials. There’ll also be available on desktop checks, and a Three-On-One check sheets. Look at little further to see if they offer the option to place your logo on desktop covers, double window business check envelopes, seven ring check binders or pre-inked stamps.

If you have your image consistently appear on all your stationary and business material shows a level of professionalism. Even more important is the fact that your competition may have already established this as part of their marketing program. If you’re using an accounting software and wish to produce laser checks, look to see if they can place your logo within that format.

NOTE: Any business checks can be printed with your logo.

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You may be saying to yourself, what’s the big deal about having your logo on everything? It’s all about customer perception. Just because you’re sending money to someone doesn’t mean that they’re not in the market for what you sell. Every piece of paper that goes out with your image on it is a salesperson.

Last updated: July 25, 2016

Business Checkbooks

Business Checkbooks

Business checkbooks are not going away anytime soon. Whether you’re in the service industry or run manufacturing, checks are still being used to pay your suppliers as well as your employees. Of course, the number has diminished gradually each decade but we’re not at the point where paper is obsolete.

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Many of the printing companies that have transitioned to Internet-based suppliers are doing quite well servicing small businesses. If you go to the web and do a quick search for “business checkbooks”, you’ll find the wide range of companies to choose from. Many top their low prices and wide selections while others promote the quality and service that they offer.

The competition for small business loyalty is fierce and though the economy has slowed down dramatically over the last few years’ business among checkbook printers has not been bad. These companies work with large firms, government agencies and banks as well as consumers. They offer a wide range of products such as stationary, promotional print products and custom design.

The electronic checks market have also helped the industry as more high end and midrange accounting systems require security printing techniques on specially approved papers. The check he received from a company may have been printed directly on their computer with a blank formatted specifically for QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB or other accounting software. Business checkbooks have definitely entered the electronic age.

If you’re just discovering these changes and are still purchasing your business checkbooks from your local bank, you may want to investigate a bit further. You can have your complete corporate identity printed on your checks in many cases it’s part of your normal fee. There many other options available through independent online print companies.

It’s actually very simple to order your business checkbooks online. Once you’ve selected a company, go ahead and followed the instructions for choosing your design. Some companies allow customization at this point and then ask you to fill out the bank details. After you’re done, make your payment by credit card and choose your shipping options. That’s all there is to it.

As a business owner I’m sure you are not really interested in wasting time or money so in a matter of minutes you can have your order processed and even have it in your office in 24 hours. What I like most about these online services is the fact that they go far beyond just supplying business checkbooks.

Several companies have branched out to include a variety of business stationery; business cards, envelopes, offers stamps, letterhead and even graphic design. The strategy is simple, if you like the initial service you’ll come back for more.

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That means they will offer the most competitive rates to get you as a customer and give you a wide variety of products and services at competitive prices to keep you for the long run. Out of 27,110,362 businesses counted in the previous survey by the Federal Reserve Board, no one felt that business checkbooks were going away.

Harland Business Checks

Harland Clarke Business Checks

You may not be familiar with Harland Clarke and their services but chances are your bank or credit union are their customers. The company provides financial products and services to over 11,000 institutions across the country. Their corporate clients range from Fortune 500 companies to micro-businesses as well as individual consumers.

Harland business checks has undergone a complete rebranding and it now know as  “” which seems like a strange move for a company that used to be a reputable established brand in banking supplies. Since so much of ordering checks is about reputation, we feel it is best to wait for this new brand to become more established.

Also, in order to actually see the prices or place an order with “” you must log in with your bank account information which makes it difficult to comparison shop.

For our recommended alternative to Harland business checks…

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If you’re a small or mid-size business owner, you understand the importance of having sound financial materials working to ensure your company’s prosperity. Harland Clarke has been a leader in business services throughout the United States providing a wide variety of solutions, services and products. Harland business checks can be purchased online in a variety of formats for small businesses as well as mid-sized companies.

Accounts payable checks

These checks contain all the information needed for general accounts payable transactions. Take a look at the popular 3-to-a-page checks that serve a wide assortment of business transactions. They feature high-end security built right into every check. Color-coded security graphics such as green, yellow and blue safety checks are available all as well as Burgundy and blue marble checks. Take a look at the tan parchment checks notable for its unique design. You can also purchase 3-to-a- page binders as well.

Multipurpose checks

If you’re looking for flexibility in your general check writing needs these should fit the bill. Multipurpose checks are available in our wide variety of colors and designs. Choose from a number of high quality professional graphics to enhance your image. These are available in 3-to-a-page format to fit in both the 3-ring and the 7-ring binders.

Payroll checks

This product is a specific subset of accounts payable, payroll checks are designed to maximize accounting processes and avoid costly mistakes. Payroll checks are available in a variety of colors and designs and can also include custom logo printing. Promote your brand while dispensing monthly wages. Harland business checks are known for their high quality and low prices but you can also expect great graphics and custom designs as well. Consider adding the payroll binder to your next order.

Ordering your Harland business checks is easy;  just login to the website and browse the section relating to check ordering section and begin filling in the appropriate information for your business checks. You’ll need your routing and transit number which is the nine digit number located in the bottom left corner of your check. Once you’re done, enter the account number which is the set of numbers appearing just after the routing number to the right of the check sequence number at the bottom. Ensure that all information is correct and proceed to billing.

Harland business checks not only offer great prices but speedy delivery as well. Their high-tech security features meet all federal banking regulations and are accepted everywhere. Take advantage of the low prices to include accessories with your check orders such as check folders and three ring or seven ring binders. You can also order manual or computer check value packs for general purposes, accounts payable and payroll.