Walmart Business Checks

Walmart Business Checks

We all know that Walmart is the largest retailer in the world; they service millions of consumers every day. Quite a lot of small businesses also purchase materials such as business checks securely from their website. If you have a need to order new business checks this might be the best place to start. Banks have historically overcharged customers on many financial services such as check orders and business deposit slips.

Walmart checks are most likely printed by a third party check printer (as the terms of service on the Walmart Checks website are not covered under the same as For this reason we recommend going with a more established check printer when you order your business checks online.

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Now you can receive quality Walmart business check printing services with the touch of a button and great Walmart prices. There are a variety of formats to choose from:

Manual checks – choose from a variety of styles. Choose three to a page business size checks, three to a page desk size checks or payroll checks for on-demand check writing. You can also get voucher checks in the three to a page format as well.

Laser checks – these are used directly in your computer printer and work with accounting software. Choose from laser wallet checks, check on top laser vouchers or check in middle laser vouchers.

When ordering from the website, browse through all of the Walmart business checks options to ensure that you have covered everything. There will be a variety of check designs or custom options as well. If you choose to, you may order matching labels and checkbook covers with your order. Click through each screen when you’re prompted until you get to the final order page.

Be sure to read through all the information as you proceed through the order. Walmart checks are fairly easy to set up but you want to be sure to follow all directions given. Check orders are usually processed within two business days therefore you can be assured of speedy delivery.

Be sure to check off whether you need singles or duplicates as well as box size. Take note that many options have drop-down boxes from which to choose additional options. Click the “add to cart” button when you’re done.

Be sure that you’ve entered in all the proper information and then you can proceed to the checkout or click continue shopping if there is something you’ve forgotten to add to your order.

It is important to consider careful attention to detail when entering all the requested information needed to print your checks. Follow the prompts and enter the fields as indicated; for instance customer name should match what is on your checking account. Review the routing number and account number after entry to ensure that they are correct.

You’ll be asked to enter the check number that you would like your check order to start with so have your last box of checks handy to ensure continuity. Proceed on through to any customization options that you have elected to apply. Give you order a preview and click “approve” when you’re satisfied. When everything is finished to your satisfaction, go ahead and enter your payment information. Choose your shipping options as well. You’ve successfully purchased your Walmart business checks.

Costco Business Checks

Costco Business Checks

Purchasing business checks from the local banks has always been routine for small business owners in the past. Now more and more, small businesses are looking to online solutions such as Cosco business checks. As small businesses tighten their belts while looking for increased value in their vendor services, it really helps to get personalized attention along with low-price and quick delivery from one reputable source.

The downside of Costco business checks is that the best prices are reserved for Costco members. For an alternative…

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Dual purpose business checks

There are a variety of business checks to choose from and a lot of online sources can get you good results; Cosco has been a proven leader in providing small business services and their financial printing department is top-notch. They can provide you with quality dual-purpose and multipurpose business checks.

Proprietor checks

These manual checks are available in convenient packs. They are perfect for business people on the go and come complete with duplicate checks, deposit slips and business register. Cosco has made them available for order in two boxes off 300 checks, three boxes of 450 checks, four boxes of 600 checks and five boxes of 750 checks. Each pack includes: 150 duplicate checks, 50 deposit tickets in separate book, business register, tri-fold vinyl cover, 6″ x 2-3/4″

General purpose business checks (up to 10 invoices)

Most small businesses use basic financial accounting and recordkeeping and thus require general-purpose financial transaction records. Basic general-purpose checks are available in two boxes of 600, four boxes of 1200, six boxes of 1800, eight boxes of 2400, and 10 boxes of 3000. This set is by far the most popular format for the market. Add the seven ring premier business binder to these 3-to–a-page checks to maintain organization in your finances.

Itemized invoice business checks (up to 7 invoices)

Pay your invoices in style with these high quality Cosco business checks. The available styles include: blue, yellow, blue marble, green marble, gray, green, Spirit of America, pink, Engard, Caramel marble, Burgundy marble and Blue Sheffield. You can purchase packs of 600, 1200, 1800, 2,400 and 3,000 units.

Payroll business check – salaried employees

These checks are specially designed for payroll and can be purchased in a variety of colors as mentioned above. There also available in packs of 600, 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3,000. You may at the option of a stock logo or custom logo to this order as well as omit logos altogether. These checks are 7 ring binder compatible, 8-1/4″ x 3-1/24″, and available in 1 single style check or 2 parts with carbonless duplicate.

Payroll business check – hourly employees

For hourly employees the specialty pack is perfect for small business needs. Order the sets in quantities of 600, 1200, 1800, 2400, and 3000. These checks are 7 ring binder compatible, 8-1/4″ x 3-1/24″, and available in 1 single check style or 2 parts with carbonless duplicate.

Cosco business checks meet all the security standards set by the federal banking commission. They are universally accepted by major financial institutions across the nation and even around the world.

Check Envelopes

Business Check Envelopes

You may not wake up in the morning thinking about check envelopes but if you are a business person or work in the accounting department of a company, you understand how important it is to your livelihood. Each envelope’s style has a unique function and is designed for optimal performance. For example, check envelopes are slightly thicker than #10 regular envelopes in order to maintain privacy and deter theft or fraud. They are available in single window and double window design to accommodate the billing or payroll process.

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When using a double window check envelope, accounting can print everything on a single sheet that is necessary for collection or on a check sheet and be assured that the company return address and the customer’s or employee’s  information will be visible once the letter is inserted. Single window envelopes offer a view of the customer’s address as printed on the bill while the company name is pre-printed on the envelope. Companies like Deluxe Corporation offer a variety of styles and sizes to their customers on their website.

Our Current Selection of Business Check Envelops:

Check Envelopes, Double Window

These double window business envelopes never need addressing! DU-O-VUE envelope design saves hours of addressing…more info

Check Envelopes, Double Window, Self Seal

Our check-friendly business envelopes save time when paying bills – just stuff, seal & send! Quality…more info

Check Envelopes, Double Window, Self Seal

Our double window business envelopes eliminate hours of addressing & manual sealing! Self seal envelopes…more info

Double Window Confidential Envelope

Cut the time it takes you to pay bills with these envelopes – just stuff, seal and send. They’re…more info

Double Window Confidential Envelope

Cut the time it takes you to pay bills with these envelopes – just stuff, seal and send. They’re…more info

Double Window Envelopes – 9 x 4 1/8 Confidential Envelope

No addressing needed. Just fold, insert materials and mail. The double window design clearly shows return and…more info

Double Window Confidential Envelope, Self-Seal

Cut the time it takes you to pay bills with these envelopes – just stuff, seal and send. They’re…more info

Double Window Confidential Self Seal Envelope

Make doing business more efficient with Double Window Confidential Self Seal Envelopes custom printed with your…more info

Double Window Envelopes – 8 5/8 X 3 5/8 Confidential Envelo

Pay bills more quickly with these envelopes: just stuff, seal and send. They?re designed to be perfect companions…more info

Double Window Confidential Envelope Self-Seal

Cut the time it takes you to send invoices, statements and many other documents with these envelopes – just…more info

The concept behind the check envelope is very simple; if you can speed up the administrative process of handling accounts receivable/payable, you can either cut down on processing time, mistakes or both. When computers were introduced into the picture, the efficiency level became even more significant. Now most of the tedious tasks were accomplished by the machine and all that was left was folding the letter and depositing it in the check envelope along with a payment envelope in some cases.

Accounting software takes the process one step further by printing the check and the check envelope for payroll. If you are using a particular program like Quickbooks, Peachtree or MYOB, you can order the appropriate laser checks and corresponding check envelopes online. Just look up your program in the order to ensure that everything is compatible.

Accounting software usually comes bundled with templates that allow you to format your text for printing within the specified area required by the program. This means you can consistently print hundreds of checks and check envelopes with the push of a button. That’s an enormous time saver for many companies. The entire process is made even more streamlined with the introduction of self-sealing envelopes. There is no need to lick the envelope, just press and seal after inserting your materials.

If you are producing massive amounts of checks or check envelopes, there are machines that will run the entire operation from printing, insertion, to mailing for you. They are very expensive but can churn out massive quantities of mail without a coffee break. For most small businesses, buying their supplies from Deluxe Corporation is enough of an efficiency strategy.

Deluxe Corporation has been printing and supplying products to small businesses for almost 100 years. They produce checks for multinational corporations as well as mom and pop stores. The company has been able to use their enormous volume and leverage to keep prices low for their customers year after year.

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