QuickBooks Business Checks

Laser Business Checks for any Software

Businesses today are looking for any opening in which they can cut costs or gain an advantage. For many years, savvy entrepreneurs have been bypassing the traditional method of writing checks and maintaining their accounts through the use of QuickBooks accounting software. This allowed them to do their own bookkeeping then once or twice a year turn everything over to their accountant to ensure a proper audit. Intuit, the company that owns the software began selling QuickBooks business checks for the computer.

This allowed small business owners to print checks directly from their laser printer which seamlessly integrated with the software. This meant buying QuickBooks checks from the company, sometimes at a premium price. For some business owners this reminded them of going to the bank to purchase their checks at what they considered inflated rates with slow delivery times. The Internet offered a solution on its own.

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Many of the major printers who handled large bulk printing jobs for financial institutions began to take advantage of the Internet business model. They offered checks at discount rates to individuals and small businesses. Prior to this outlet, they were advertising in magazines across the country to pick up consumer customers. Now the field has become extremely competitive and the prices have become very attractive.

Now a business person can login, and select QuickBooks business checks at a discounted rate along with other office materials. They can then print their own checks that have all the information they need for a transaction and it automatically is registered in their accounting software.

Quick books users found that they save an average of four hours per week managing their accounting in this fashion; the old way to too long, was too complicated and far too error prone. Now small businesses can save time and money while focusing more on the things that make them profitable.

Computer checks can also be personalized with your company logo along with your company name address and phone number. You can review a wide variety of background prints and colors to ensure consistency of image between your checks and your other company stationary.

When you enter your information into the software, you can be sure that the check numbers will match. Just enter your information in QuickBooks program any time and it will set the correct date that the check is printed so you can enter a check when you receive a bill. Quickbooks will track the amount from your register but you will not lose sight of the date that the check was actually printed. Your transaction will always match the printed check.

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With the new printable quick books business checks, you can print and set up your own payroll system and ensure that everything will be consistent. Your new laser checks will work with your QuickBooks software. When the time comes to reorder you will usually be sent an e-mail notice from the online printer. They examine your order patterns to ensure that you’ll never run out.