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Getting a box of replacement payroll checks doesn’t have to be a big deal the way it was in the past. You don’t have to go through your bank or go through the slow arduous process of sending in the paper slip by mail to the company out in another state who does all the printing. Now just turn on your computer and with a few keystrokes your reorder is taken care of and can be in your office as soon as 24 hours. That’s the way to order payroll checks.

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There are still diehards out there who prefer to do everything by hand. They will open the ledger books and use of pen to write in all the information in the asset and liability columns. Built painstakingly write each check to their employees on payday and stubbornly refused to join the new century.

If you’ve got better things to do with your life, go online and order payroll checks directly from one of the biggest and safest check printing companies around. Most of these printers service the Fortune 500 banks but found a far more lucrative business model by dealing directly to the consumer. They’re able to bring the prices down through volume and offer a wide assortment of payroll checks and accessories.

As a business person you can now not only order the appropriate computer checks for your accounting system, you can get all the associated forms and tools to go with it. Now you simply turn on your machine, transfer the employee data from their time cards directly into your account systems and like magic, your payroll is done.

If you sign up with an online printer, they’ll send you notices of their specials and remind you when it’s time to reorder. You’ll find the standard three to a page payroll check sheets along with other styles such as accounts payable checks, multipurpose checks, desk set checks and deposit slips.

If you’re using one of the powerful computer accounting software on the market today makes perfect sense to order payroll checks online. You’ll be able to get the appropriately formatted checks that are compatible with your laser printer.

Many of the business related packages include extras such as deposit tickets, a free binder when you make your first order, free monograms and logos printed on your checks. You’ll find that the competition among online printers makes it a great deal for the consumer.

The downturn in the use of checks has caused the printing industry to approach their business a little differently since the beginning of this century. According to the Federal Reserve Board, the number of checks sent out decreased by 6.4% over the last 60 years. With the decline in use of personal checks, printers decided to go directly to the consumers and bypass the banks.

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Now you get the special deals guard once belonged solely to the privileged bankers. Go online and order payroll checks directly from the source; save money and time today.