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Why would you want to buy payroll checks from your bank? They build levels of bureaucracy that works against you both time and money. Why not get your payroll checks directly from the companies banks use to print their financial materials? In this article I’m going to explain how simple it is to purchase payroll checks on the Internet.

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Although there has been a significant downturn in the use of checks by consumers over the last 10 years, paychecks still constitute a large portion of paper transactions in the US and Canada. The majority of small and medium-sized businesses still generate billions of dollars in annual transactions between employers and employees.

Computer software has made accounting far easier and accessible to the average business owner. Regardless of whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees, bookkeeping and accounting software allow for fast and accurate tracking and printing of payroll checks. Many smart entrepreneurs have figured out that with a click of the mouse, they can get a substantial discount from online check printers.

If you are the person responsible for writing business checks, you know how much of a headache it can be when payday comes around. If you’ve managed to save yourself the hassle of doing all this work by hand, the value of computer payroll checks is obvious too. Various online sources have a variety of styles to choose from and the majority of Internet-based printing companies who specialize in checks and business products tend to have the full line of software compatible laser checks. If you use QuickBooks or Quicken, MYOB or Peachtree, there is usually a liberal selection of styles in each format for you to conveniently get your employees paid.

Another thing that many people outside of business take for granted is the matter of check fraud. Internet check printing companies still continue to do business with major financial institutions throughout North America. They have carved out a specific niche through their direct to consumer services. Although they deal in large volume printing, they have instituted security measures to counter check alteration or check fraud.

The majority of manufacturers use security bond paper that contains a secret chemical reactive. Artificial and true watermarks are embedded along with fluorescent fibers to ensure that banks and financial institutions can verify the authenticity of your checks. The use of advanced security papers help to deter most would-be forgers or catch the ones who attempt the crime.

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Another great feature available on almost all online check companies is 24 hour delivery if needed. You can buy payroll checks online today and receive them tomorrow. Because there is such strong competition between companies, compare prices. The quality is fairly consistent from company to company, so the biggest issue will be price, packages and postage. Some companies will offer free shipping to qualified customers. Some of the larger companies such as Deluxe, Intuit and Rapid Forms have volume discounts for larger firms but will also extend that option to small businesses as well.