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The next time your company reorders business checks, why not do so online rather than through your bank? Why do this, you ask? There are several very solid economic reasons for doing so, and your business can benefit. The most important reason is that it saves you money. Your bank, like most banks, likely charges an arm and a leg for ordering new checks.

Click to reorder business checks online with Check Crafters >> (login or use routing number and account number and zip code to locate a previous order)

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Click here to reorder business checks online at Checks in the Mail >> (click the reorder button at the center of the top of the page.)

Note: If you want to re-order business checks online, but you have previously ordered them from your bank, you can also order from the links above, and just follow the directions to setup a new account.

You can end up paying a hundred dollars a year or more, depending on how many checks you go through in a typical business cycle. Why give your banks that money, when they’ve obviously not done a good job of managing money in the past (just look at the recent bank bail-outs)? You can save 70 to 80% off of typical bank fees by re-ordering online.

After all, this is a recession. For businesses to get by, they need to cut costs wherever they can. When you reorder business checks online, you save money in a variety of ways. First, you don’t have to spend money on gas to drive to the bank to place your order. Second, you don’t have to pay outrageous bank check fees. Finally, the Internet is full of check companies that can provide you with top quality, professional looking checks for a fraction of the cost of your bank. In many cases, you can even get checks online that look BETTER than what your bank can provide, because online companies offer a great degree of personalization options.

It’s also a lot quicker to reorder business checks online. You can literally do so in a matter of just a few clicks. If you have a credit or debit card, you can pay right away and save hundreds of dollars if you’re placing a bulk order. You’ll also be able to save your information with the company you choose, so the next time you go to reorder, it will be even faster, as the online company will have your preferred check design stored and ready to go for you. It’s the best way to buy checks in a tough economic climate.