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Getting your business under way is a satisfying and even exhilarating feeling. There are many steps to take when establishing the administrative part of your operation. One of the most important steps to take at this point is to go ahead and order company checks.

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As amazing as it sounds, many people still go to their banks and pay through the nose when ordering company checks. Naturally, part of the problem is lack of experience on their part. Many new small businesses simply go with what they consider the easiest route but never take into consideration that they will be purchasing checks over and over again for the life of the business at a price set by their bank.

Business checks still hold a certain measure of prestige in the eyes of many so it makes sense to take the opportunity to find the right look and feel for your company. Many new business owners now go online to order company checks from reputable online sources.

They not only get a great price, they are able to choose a style that suits their business image from among a wide variety of checkbook designs. Is your company in the construction or building industry? There is no need to have your choice limited to images of plain blue pinstripes or puppies in a basket. Go online and choose among hundreds of appropriate images to fit your company’s look and style.

In this day and age where plastic seems to be king and electronic transactions are ubiquitous, the company check still has a significant position in the marketplace. Identity theft and online fraud have made the simple paper check transaction seem even more reliable.

The one thing to remember, there is no difference between the checks that you get from your bank and the ones that you purchase online. The only difference is the money you save when you order them from the Internet. The difference is often as high as 50% when you avoid hidden charges your bank applies to the simple transaction.

You are allowed volume discounts and in many cases, there are additional special offers that you can take advantage of. Quite a few manufacturers offer free shipping and fast turnaround. One thing is sure; you will get your checks much faster through an online manufacturer than you will from your bank.

The process is fairly simple, you can do a search; “order company checks”, and visit a few websites. While you’re there take a look at the various designs and find one or two that closely matches the theme of your company. This is important because you’re going to use your company checks to brand your identity just the way you would use a business card or company stationary.

Here at Order Company Checks we work with the 4 major business check printers:

  1. Deluxe Business Checks
  2. Check Crafters Business Checks
  3. Checks in the Mail Business Checks
  4. Checks Unlimited Business Checks

Follow the simple directions for entering your company’s information. Decide whether you wish to have single or duplicate, site tear or top stub; then choose your quantity and delivery. Believe it or not, learning to order company checks is simple.