Order Bank Checks, Free Shipping

There are a lot of people that would like to buy business checks without the added cost of shipping, I’ve searched the web and have been unable to find any of the reputable business check printing companies that offer business checks with free shipping.

The closest offer is free shipping for personal checks, but I did locate some discounts and business check coupons below that should more than make up for the small cost of shipping.

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15% off business laser checks at Checks in the Mail >> [use offer code BIZ15]

You can get some amazing deals online if you’re looking to order bank checks. It seems to be getting easier each year to simply press a few buttons, get your order in from a major check printing company and have your package delivered in a matter of days. If you’re down to your last set of bank checks, free shipping can save even more money when ordering. As a new customer, many online printers will offer you special packages to earn your business.

What I’ve found is that the competition out there has made it necessary for online check printers to create incentives for their prospects. They may bundle other items along with bank checks to incentivize business people who are browsing for special deals. For business owners like me it’s a very good opportunity to purchase two boxes of bank checks, my stationary, business cards and mailing labels all at once and have everything delivered at no extra charge.

Back in the good old days, my bank would nickel and dime me for everything I did or order. I’m not one to skimp on quality so when I get the best of both worlds; great prices and great service, I’m now a lifelong loyal customer. This is the goal of many of the companies when they establish their online business model. If you give your customer lots of options, for instance free logo design on your bank checks, free shipping with bundled orders and a helpful reminder by e-mail when they think we need to reorder certain items, that’s what I call helpful service.

Unfortunately a lot of business owners still go to their banks and pay a lot of money to order what in my opinion are substandard offers. The quality of the material may be great but if you don’t have your logo on your checks or if the style and design does not represent your company, then you’re losing out.

The Net has made purchasing checks and other business materials extremely convenient and user-friendly. If you haven’t done it before, simply login to your browser and search for a phrase like “bank checks free shipping.” You see an assortment of websites come up in your search engine that relates to check printing companies that have options for free shipping. Now, go through and check, colors and any other information that you want printed on the check.

Look for special offers that include free shipping before you’re done, making sure to note if the package you purchased comes with these options. If that is important to you then make sure that all the details are correct and press the order button. That’s it; your home free and in a matter of days your box of checks and any other materials that you’ve purchased from the site will be delivered to your home or office. Getting your business checks online and certainly makes life easier. It’ll save you time, money and in many cases a frustrating experience.