Laser Checks, Payroll, Compatible with DacEasy

These industry-best business checks simplify payroll & support accounting software from Dac Easy (R), Sage Software & many others! Our popular business checks for payroll make it easy to document earnings, deductions & more! 2 tear-off vouchers give both you & payee a detailed payment record.

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Size: 8 1/2 x 11

Think about employing laser payroll checks because they offer secure tracking of transactions associated with accounting software programs. Posting and tracking deductions, earnings, and special items are easy and practical. For those who use DacEasy and DacEasy Light, this is definitely the best complement to the accounting software.

You can get these checks in 1-part/original, 2-part/duplicate and 3-part/triplicate carbonless formats. These sheets fit all standard laser printers and inkjet printers. You get up to two color-coded duplicates on separate sheets and free personalization with every order. You can also add optional customization including check colors, custom logo, and additional security graphics. The order is shrink-wrapped in services of 500 checks.

The security procedures for these checks consist of chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, invisible fluorescent fibers, erasure safeguard, security screen and warning box. The enhanced check security procedures require that all orders go through proprietary screening to forestall unauthorized purchases, and so they have tamper-evident packaging. These safety features reduce the risk of fraud.

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Sheet format fits all standard laser & inkjet printers. Multi-part options offer up to 2 color-coded duplicates on separate sheets. Optional TamperGuard Plus (TM) premium check paper offers enhanced security for an additional charge.

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Laser Checks, Payroll, Compatible with DacEasy

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