Order Inexpensive Business Checks Online

The most important place to start when you want to order inexpensive checks, is to buy them online rather than from your bank… the banks overcharge. There are several ways to make your business checks order even more inexpensive with these offers:

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If you’re still looking at your statement and wondering why your bank is charging you so much to print checks, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. I found out a few years ago that the majority of web-based business check companies constantly run specials and new customer discounts. You can get inexpensive business checks that follow all the federal and ABA standards. You’d be amazed at the quality of the paper and ink; you’re getting high quality 24# recycled paper at an amazing price.

Even more important than the price in my opinion is the dizzying array of styles and designs that will help your company stand out. As an advertising major in school, I learned early on that image matters even in the small details. Unlike your bank, you can get logos printed on your checks for free or next to nothing. Now the Internet offers the small business person an opportunity to save some money while gaining visibility in the process.

If you’re looking to pay more money to your bank because you’re nervous about buying checks online, take it from me; the process is still the same. Your bank is probably ordering from the same company you’ll be. Just take a few minutes when you’re searching for a check printing site to review their credentials and click on their verification links. Whether it’s the Better Business Bureau or some other agency displayed on their website, you should be able to click on it and be taken directly to the web page. Business checks are not printed on just any old sheet of paper. Security printing processes are used for instance, special inks and micro printing. The paper has security features that make it difficult for forgers to succeed.

Inexpensive business checks don’t necessarily mean cheap. The amount of work that goes into making these requires skill and high tech machinery. The result is consistently appealing but even then, many companies offer money-back guarantees to ensure your confidence. When looking for an online check printer, be sure to take note of any customer service numbers posted on the website. You’ll want to be prepared if something goes wrong; for example the shipment doesn’t arrive.

When the time comes for you to upgrade to printing your own checks, companies will usually have those options available as well. You’ll be able to get business checks in formats such as Three-On-A-Page, wallets and even laser printed blanks for your accounting software. These all qualify as inexpensive business checks when the price is right.

This method of ordering business supplies can really maximize your time while minimizing your cost. In many cases you can shop smart and get your entire order delivered without paying any shipping. Go ahead and start searching now while you still have some checks in your ledger.  Many of these Internet-based companies are actually large manufacturing concerns that have been producing financial paper for over 50 years. They’ve simply adjusted to the times and found an incredibly lucrative niche.