Business Checks Free Shipping

Even though there are a lot of people that would like to buy business checks with no added cost of shipping, I’ve scoured the web and have been unable to find any of the reputable business check printing companies making that offer.

More common is free shipping for personal checks, but I have found some discounts and business check coupons below that should more than make up for the cost of shipping.

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15% off business laser checks at Checks in the Mail >> [use offer code BIZ15]

I love saving money as much as the next business owner, so when I see a deal that not only saves me time and money, I’m all for it. This occurred when I discovered years ago that I no longer have to order my business checks from my local bank. Instead I was able to purchase my checks and deposit slips from an online printer. When you order business checks, free shipping is an option that many online companies give you.

Obviously the more products that you purchase from the printing company the greater the chance that the deal is going to be qualified for your free shipping. I usually get the majority of my stationary and office needs through them as well. If you conduct a web search, you’ll find a whole host of companies vying for your business. That’s a good thing in this day when every penny counts. Take your time and search for the right office printing options.

If you have a specific graphic design or logo on your business checks, be sure to let offers to place your logo on your checks for free. This can be a big boost to your business image. You also want to find out what accessories are available and what packages are on sale. You may be able to get the right design with your logo and as a new customer; they may throw in a small business kit.

Small business kits
These kits usually include an office stamp or two, stationary; sometimes 150 to 200 letterhead sheets and envelopes and even business cards. If you are a new business, this is an excellent way to get started inexpensively.  When I was able to buy my business checks, free shipping came as an option with the small business package. I was able to get business cards, letterheads, and envelopes.

The strategy behind this is simple; these companies know that it is far easier and less expensive to sell goods and services to an existing customer than it costs to bring in a new one. When the time came for me to upgrade my company’s image, I turned to my online printing company to refurbish my entire company’s graphics.

These check printing companies do a lot more than print checks, they also supply invitations and announcements, office accessories, even small business promotional materials as well. The great thing about going with an online printing company is the highly competitive nature of the business. They are always pushing the envelope to get you to choose them instead of their competitors. Some of the giants in the business are Vistaprint and Deluxe Printing.

There are a lot of smaller companies willing to service your business and personal needs. You can order a variety of different checks from Three-On-A-Page, wallets and computer checks for your laser printer. Remember to keep the strategy in mind that I mentioned earlier; so if you order your business checks, free printing will be included.