Business Checks For Less

The most important place to start when you want business checks for less, is to order them online rather than from your bank… the banks overcharge. Now that you’re online, there are several ways to obtain further discounts on your business checks:

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Whether you’re looking for business checks for less, inexpensive personal checks or custom checks with your logo, the best place to get these is the Internet. Many online printers now offer discounts and promotional packages that make it very attractive for business people to take advantage of these offers.

If you’re concerned about saving money, and who isn’t these days, fire up your browser, head to your favorite search engine and type in “business checks for less”. You’ll find some of the top level printing companies in the nation vying for your business. These are not fly-by-night print shops set up in someone’s basement; many of these companies have been around for 50 or more years and work with some of the top financial institutions in the US and Canada.

The days of ordering checks from your bank because it’s convenient should be over and done with. First of all, they’re too expensive, too unimaginative, and if you are in business for yourself, too limiting in terms of image. Now you can go online and get logos placed on your checkbook. You can match your checks to your business cards as well as your envelopes and mailing labels. When you’re running a small business this is a cost effective way of maintaining a consistent look.

Getting business checks for less used to the difficult because large printing companies refused to do small commercial jobs. If you were to contact one of these companies 10 years ago and ask them to do a custom print job on your checks you would be laughed off the phone. Something happened however that changed their minds.

For years these printers created a huge direct mail business with personal checks. The ads would show up in the Sunday magazines or in co-op ad circulars; you filled out the information placed the blank check along with your payment in the envelope and mailed it off to the company. They in turn would run you through the system that also included thousands of other people who were doing the same thing. This kind of bulk ordering allowed them to keep their presses running on large jobs though they were catering to consumers instead of large financial corporations.

The Internet allowed them to transition to an even more lucrative business model. When setting up shop on the World Wide Web, they were able to reach business people who wanted the same kind of service they received from their banks in terms of business checks, wallet checks also Three-On-One and computer sheets.

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As business exploded for the online print departments, more companies saw this phenomenon and set up their own operation. More services were added and as small and midsize businesses woke up to the fact that they no longer had to pay the banks a lot of money for this service, they began to tell their friends. If you own a company and you are wishing to purchase business checks for less, you have entered a buyer’s market.