Inexpensive Designer Business Checks

Having to order checks from the bank is a costly proposition both in time and money. Not only because you’ll be spending more but because you won’t have much control over the look of your business checks. What smart entrepreneurs are doing instead is taking the initiative to buy designer business checks.

There are 2 ways to have designer business checks and neither is expensive. One is to upload one of your own photo images and use it as the background on your checks. You can use any image: your store or office, or business logo, a picture of your staff… let your imagination run wild.

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The second approach is to select one of Check Crafters’ profession checks designs. The business check styles include “contractor”, “florist”, “fine dining” and over 20 more.

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Getting your checks from online printers is not very difficult. There are many prominent companies that have been servicing the financial market for decades. They have transitioned part of their business model to service the broader and extremely profitable market of online orders.

Because it is a competitive field, they’ve added many high-quality services including a wide variety of designer checks. You can find great deals in just a few mouse clicks. Although the price may be low the quality of the material is not. When you work with a reputable check printing company you get high quality paper with a variety of security printing methods included. Among the wide variety of designer choices are:

  • classic design
  • hip and cool
  • Disney checks
  • Warner Bros.
  • animals
  • wildlife
  • religious art
  • landscapes
  • custom design your own

If you’re a business person and you’re serious about the look of your brand, I recommend you choose the last option. This gives you the opportunity to add your logo or any other symbol that represents your company. Think this through carefully because many of these companies offer more than just a simple designer check.

You can carry the same theme all the way through from your business checks to your stationary, business cards, envelopes and mailing labels. This gives you a completely uniform look that your clients and prospects will respect.

Once you’ve chosen the design for your designer business checks take the time to read up on any custom options that you may want to take advantage of at this point. Look for a special that they may have, such as package deals. Some companies will offer a steep discount if you purchase a package which includes their office stamps envelopes and etc.

Understand that the major printing companies are not looking for a simple one time order. They put a lot of effort into delivering the goods in order to get you coming back time and time again. They’ve learned that the value of a customer is not in the first order but in the repeat business and referrals.

When you order designer business checks for the first time be sure to have all your banking information ready to enter into the application form. You’re going to need your bank number and routing number as well as basic information on your bank. You want to need basic information on your business such as name, address etc.

Double check all entries to ensure that they are correct. If you need accessories such as deposit slips, company stamp, envelopes or other items, check those off after you’ve filled out the printing information and verified them.

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