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If you’ve ever been online looking at various check ordering options, you will probably be overwhelmed the first time you explore. That’s because the industry has mushroomed over the years as more consumers go directly to the printing source for both savings and convenience. You now have an opportunity to order deluxe checks at discount prices.

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There is fierce competition among large print houses that have traditionally worked exclusively with institutions such as banks, financial firms and government agencies. The explosive growth of electronic transaction did not take the printing industry by surprise; they were prepared for it and moved seamlessly onto the Internet. This transition allowed the big presses to keep rolling as increased accessibility to small business owners and personal check customers boosted profits.

Rather than sticking with the dull gray company checks, these printers can now emblazon your logo in living color on your checks, provide you with customized to deposit slips, envelopes, a deposit stamp and much more to have you as a lifetime customer. When shopping around for an online check printer, be sure to look over the various packages. Printers will often put together deluxe checks in starter packages for very low price.

If you are like me, security is still a big issue in this age of identity theft and check fraud. When you go online to get familiar with the styles and options for ordering checks you need to also look for security issues that are usually explained in detail on these sites.

Look for consumer agency logos on the site’s to ensure that they have been verified. Many will carry the Better Business Bureau seal of approval and several others. You should be able to click on them and be taken directly to either an authorization page or the company page displaying information relating to the printing company.

Before you order or sign up for anything, click on the shopping cart to ensure that it takes you to an SSL assigned page which starts with HTTPS. This means that the transaction data will be housed in a secure part of their server. You can use your credit card safely and place your order with confidence.

One thing you’ll notice when you peruse these sites; there are always running specials on a variety of items. When you order deluxe checks you’ll find that you may need to take a serious look at the accompanying merchandise. Online specials tend to start at 10% off and work their way all the way up to 75%; what’s not to like there?

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When you pay the online printer by credit card, you will usually be asked to leave your name address and e-mail address with the company. This is to ensure that customer service has all the information they need. It also alerts them when it is time to order deluxe checks for your office. Whether you’re using QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB or Quicken; you can benefit from Deluxe online check printing services. Welcome to the 21st century.