Recycled Business Checks

Recycled Business Checks (in any format)

So you want to go green with your company, but aren’t sure how to start. Further, you’re concerned that green options may be more expensive and actually hurt your company’s bottom line. While you may want to take small, baby steps in your greening of your company, you’ll get there eventually if you’re motivated. And, one of the first and easiest steps you can take is to start to purchase recycled business checks.

Check Crafters offers business checks printed on 24 lb. recycled MICR paper with 20% post-consumer fiber, the highest concentration of recycled materials that check printing technology offers today.

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These are checks that are printed on recycled paper, and using them can make a huge difference for the environment.

Every time regular paper is produced, a tree is cut down. The incredible worldwide demand for paper is causing rapid deforestation of the planet. As the trees go, forests turn into fields, and eventually to deserts or plains. This causes a huge change in the weather, which can increase the chances of global warming, or even the production of a new ice age. Plus, as trees are cut down, more and more species of trees go extinct, taking along the animals and insects that depend on them. Finally, there is less oxygen being produced for humans and animals to breathe, and more concentration of air pollution, because many trees filter toxins from the atmosphere.

Using recycled business checks means fewer trees being cut down to make paper, as the paper in these checks has already been used once. If you look for versions made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper, this means every bit of paper in that check was used once before as something else. Recycled paper helps protect the environment and the planet, and is an economical choice for your company, as well as an ethical one.

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You’ll find that recycled business checks don’t cost much more than regular ones. In many cases, they may cost exactly the same. But even if those checks cost a few pennies more than virgin paper, it’s worth it in the long run to go with recycled, because of the benefits to the planet. With every recycled check you buy, you’re taking a positive step toward making the earth a cleaner, safer, more sustainable, and more beautiful place for yourself, your fellow living creatures, and your children.