Cool Business Checks

If you are the type of person with a creative personality or your business has a very distinctive style, why would you settle for boring checks? Why not go out and get yourself cool business checks online? Perhaps you’ve simply fallen into the same rut that everyone else has when it comes to your financial image.

There are 2 ways to have cool business checks. One is to upload one of your own photo images and use it as the background on your checks. You can use any image: your store, or business logo, a picture of your staff… let your imagination run wild.

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The second approach is to select one of Check Crafters’ profession checks designs. The business check styles include “contractor”, “florist”, “fine dining” and over 20 more.

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A friend of mine is a hairstylist for the very unique salon. After doing some work for me on a photo shoot and I gave her my business check emblazoned with my logo and graphics. She thought it was beautiful and asked me how she could get something like that.

Of course it was easy. You simply go online and within a few keystrokes you can find a dozen or more high quality business printing vendors who cater to cool business checks. If you are a small business or you’re about ready to start one seriously consider the type of image you want to portray and carry that through it all your printed material. Your business cards, letterhead, mailing labels and envelopes should all consistently portray your business the way you want them to.

Quite a few of these companies have low-cost setups that allow you to submit your photo and have it printed on your 3-On-A-Page business checks. You don’t have to go crazy, remember, you’re portraying your business and branding it in a very specific fashion. For instance, if you are a veterinarian, why not have dogs, cats and birds emblazoned on your checks?

You could have your designs printed on the Three-On-A-Page checks as well as the desktop checks or wallet checks. When you go online double check that the company you are looking at actually produces business checks in those fantastic designs that you’re looking at. Very often you’ll have a website that has a million designs specifically geared toward personal check consumers as opposed to business owners.

I wholeheartedly recommend distinguishing yourself by your image but don’t cut corners by settling for a personal checkbook or personal checking account. Your business should be run as a separate entity with a business identity. If you need the smaller format because the Three-On-A-Page checks are a little too much for you, go with the desktop checks or wallet checks. You should still be able to get them in the designs you prefer.

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Don’t forget to match your design on the envelopes, letterhead and business cards. If you don’t see what you want but you found a company that you like, give them a call. When it comes to having cool business checks you should definitely take the time and effort to build your unique identity.

Unfortunately most of the really interesting designs and graphics are relegated to the personal checks websites. You can still get quite a few designs but I personally think it’s to your advantage to design your own cool business checks and have them custom made. It’s like your company business cards with the unique logo and graphics.

Custom Photo Business Checks