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Do you want to stand out from other all your competitors? Forget about generic business checks. While being unique and distinct is part of a marketing strategy, it should be present in all aspects of your company, including business checks. Online printer Check Crafters offers a few advantages.

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Customized designs get you extra exposure

When you design business checks, consider the fact that they are handed to others who must scrutinize them for validity. People who do business with you must look at your checks to ensure that they are being paid correctly. They go through several exposures before being processed. That means extending your brand in unexpected ways.

Computer software programs like QuickBooks and Quicken offer convenience when writing a lot of checks. If you do your own payroll and accounts payable, you can be sending out hundreds of checks each year with your unique logo and message. Take into consideration how these slips represent your company to the employees and other prospects. You now have control of your branding on checks and billing envelops through an online vendor like Check Crafters for example.

Online business check ordering

Getting your business checks online will save you the trouble of visiting the bank and the long wait to speak to the bank executive who handles that process. You can find it quite difficult to go to the bank and place your order if your days are hectic. However, ordering checks with the Internet through a company like Check Crafters lets you make the most of the flexibility of ordering them any time of the day regardless of the banks’ business hours.

The actual process is simple and you can order business or computer checks from a vendor such as Check Crafters in a matter of minutes. Buying direct from the printer eliminates the middle man markup and puts more money in your pocket. Even more can be saved if you order in bulk quantities or with accessories.

Adding security through customization

When you work with a printing company that designs the checks with you, you can work together to customize the sets depending on your needs. Logos, photos and catch phrases can be added to integrate your checking into your marketing program. Even more important than that, your check can be equipped with your own security features. Both paper and computer checks can be designed with these options.

Check Crafters is a well-known commercial printing vendor with a secure online ordering system. They specialize in printing business checks and offer a variety of options and accessories at up to 50% off what your bank charges.  You can even have a security image that only you can see on your set of checks.

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Computerized business checks can even be printed with MICR toners. Such features distinguish your set from imitation checks. Check Crafters offers you flexibility and customization for both security and branding advantages. They offer a 100% money back guarantee on their products and promote special offers regularly to their clients.

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