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If you’ve been in business for a few years, you’re probably well aware that banks provide check printing services at a premium. They don’t print the checks nor do they design them; they are affiliate marketers for large companies that produce, print and ship business checks to millions of companies. These business check printers have made a good living through the banks but the banks have made an even better living off you.

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Since the banks don’t actually make business checks, they will add an extra 50% to 75% markup to cover their administrative fees. If you were to go online to look for business check printers, you’ll find that their prices are way off from what you pay at the bank. There is no difference in the quality of the checks themselves; they’re still produced by the very same presses using the same security measures.

If you contact your bank and ask them why they’re charging you three times more than the printer on the Internet, they’ll mumble something about extra security features and fraud protection plans. Unfortunately, the bank customer service rep is simply reading from a script they were given. Don’t blame them for not knowing the difference.

What they are actually selling you is a logical justification for the 75% markup. There is nothing wrong with saving money, getting quality service, a professional product and getting your goods quickly. Now you still need to pay close attention when you go online to order checks from those business check printers; they are not all created equal. You will still need to review the websites and look for the appropriate verification seals such as Better Business Bureau, VeriSign and others. You’ll find that the majority of companies will offer 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.
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If you have accounting software available that is setup for printing your own checks, this is definitely one way to manage the situation. Look for companies online that match your software when formatting laser checks. Your laser printer will need to have special MICR ink in order to do the job. There are inkjet printers that accomplish this as well. This special ink is important because your bank will have trouble processing your checks without it.

Business check printers will sell you the appropriate paper to use in your printer. You can’t simply slide a sheet of white paper into a LaserJet and create a qualified check. There’s no law against it but your bank will be calling you. Many of the papers supplied by business check printers have a few safeguards built in to help prevent fraud and check tampering.

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Getting your checks printed from an online vendor is not a major cause for concern as long as you pay attention to the website and choose a reputable company. If they’re selling large quantities of business checks for a dollar and don’t seem to have very much in the way of style or options you may want to go somewhere else.