Business Check Orders

Business Checks

A lot of printing firms that have transitioned to being primarily Web-based suppliers for consumers and business to business orders are doing quite well. When you go to the web and point your browser to look for “business check orders”, you will find a great deal of options for business checks printers. Many of them promote their low prices and extensive choices and others advance the high standards and superior service that they deliver.

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If you’re looking at cutting your budget for business checking, I recommend getting a reputable online business check printer. If you are placing a lot of business check orders or you use a lot of stationary, get to know your online printing company. They love getting you the deals that will keep you coming back for more.

Evidently the most useful strategy to refill your small business checkbook is to contact the printers online and to get your orders in bulk. Get them to print your logo on your letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and checks to get the best deals possible. If you do that, they might even extend you a courtesy and ship your box at no or low cost. That is a far better deal than having to go back to your bank for those boring old checks. These vendors have a stake in retaining your business because they are charging you slightly more than they charge the banks.

Keep in mind that there isn’t any difference between the checks that you get from your bank and the ones that you get in the mail from your online vendor. The only distinction is the cash you save while you order them from the Internet. The difference is often as high as 50% – 75% when you avoid hidden fees and markups that your bank applies to the order.

On this site we work with the 4 major business check printers:

  1. Deluxe Business Checks
  2. Check Crafters Business Checks
  3. Checks in the Mail Business Checks
  4. Checks Unlimited Business Checks

Business check orders from web sites with verifiable seals of authenticity are completely safe and sound. Avoid any web site that doesn’t encrypt their shopping cart or sensitive data. They’re going to have a Verify Fee, VeriSign Secured, Better Business Bureau or Trust Wave image on the main page. When you are on the order page, look for “HTTPS” within the URL and a little padlock on the browser’s bar.

The competition among online printers offers consumers a great opportunity to save money and get more stuff. Banks have traditionally gotten these great deals and buried us in fees. Steady progress of electronic transactions has not hurt the printing industry since they moved effortlessly to the Web. Now you no longer have to send your business information to the print suppliers by mail and wait for a response.

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Sending in your business check orders to an online printer can save you a bundle if you play your cards right and do your homework. Go ahead and call the vendor while you’re working out the orders if you have any issues or questions that you think might be important. If they’ve got a 24 hour hotline, is it.