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Business Checks with Logo

When I first started my business, I was stuck on the blue pinstripe business checks. Although I had spent a lot of time energy and money establishing a look for my company, the only options I had in terms of checkbook styles were flowers, nature scenes and the tried and true blue grey pattern. Years later, I discovered that printing companies allowed you to create custom business logo checks. They cost an arm and a leg back then.

NOTE: Any business checks can be printed with your logo.

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Now I can get my business logo checks for less than what the banks charged me for basic blue grey pinstripe. If you go online and open up your favorite search engine, you can find those companies that offer logos by searching for “business logo checks”. You would be surprised at how many large business support printers offer this free of charge. Just be sure to have your logo in a format that is acceptable to the printing company and upload when you’re ready to place your order.

If you’re a new business, you’ll find that quite a few of the companies offer logo design as part of their service. If you’re currently using a company and never really considered business logo checks, I would recommend looking a little closer at their website to see if they promote it as one of their options.

Your logo is important because it represents your business. It is a short cut for your promotional material. Branding is a significant part of marketing because it shapes the views of the general public and especially your target market. When your checks are delivered to a vendor or organization, it represents your identity. This is definitely not something you’ll want to short change. Your checks like your business cards are a proxy that takes your place when you’re not there to represent yourself.

This option is usually available on a variety of business check styles because different businesses have different needs. Look for this as a free option on the business check websites and look for their specials. There’ll also be available on desktop checks, and a Three-On-One check sheets. Look at little further to see if they offer the option to place your logo on desktop covers, double window business check envelopes, seven ring check binders or pre-inked stamps.

If you have your image consistently appear on all your stationary and business material shows a level of professionalism. Even more important is the fact that your competition may have already established this as part of their marketing program. If you’re using an accounting software and wish to produce laser checks, look to see if they can place your logo within that format.

NOTE: Any business checks can be printed with your logo.

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You may be saying to yourself, what’s the big deal about having your logo on everything? It’s all about customer perception. Just because you’re sending money to someone doesn’t mean that they’re not in the market for what you sell. Every piece of paper that goes out with your image on it is a salesperson.

Last updated: July 25, 2016