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Have you ever considered getting duplicate business checks for your company? It may seem like a hassle at first to have reams of carbon paper strips documenting every check you’ve ever written for your business. After all, where are you going to store them all? But really, when you think about it, having these copies is actually a good idea. If you’ve got a good scanning or filing system, these copies can really save you if you ever run into an instance where someone says you didn’t pay them when you know you did.

NOTE: Any business checks can be ordered with duplicates and printed with your logo. Simply select the options you want during the “customize” process.

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Duplicate business checks with a logo are simply regular checks that have carbon backing and are attached to a second, white version of the check with your logo imprinted on them. When you write on the check, the pressure from the pen creates an impression of what you wrote on the white version. You can keep the white version for your records (they’re also good for tax purposes if you’re ever audited). You can either file the carbon copies by date, or scan them each month into a file on your computer to keep track of all of the money your business has spent.

In most cases, duplicate business checks are no more expensive than regular ones, but the security they offer you makes them a great buy at nearly any price. In the past, these types of checks were very common, though they’ve somewhat fallen out of favor in recent years, since most banking records are maintained by the banks in your online account. However, the carbon copies are a good back-up source of payment proof just in case something were to happen to the electronic information kept by the bank. They’re your insurance policy against hackers and other hardware issues your bank may experience.

NOTE: Any business checks can be printed with your logo.

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You can find inexpensive duplicate business checks from many different companies online. It’s better to buy your checks online, because nearly every online company will charge you far less than the bank. The price the bank charges is basically a rip-off, especially when you can buy online for 80% less or more. So the next time you order checks, consider duplicate ones, and see just how much peace of mind they give you.

Last updated: July 25, 2016