Booked Deposit Tickets – Quick Entry

The safe way to make accurate deposits! Guaranteed to work with your bank, these deposit tickets improve processing and each line meets the precise requirements of today’s Image Character Recognition (ICR) technology.

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Size: 8 7/8 x 3 3/8

Filling out blank bank deposit slips by hand is tedious, inefficient and counter-productive. Have plenty of your own branded deposit tickets for your business needs. Your bank will have no problem accepting these booked deposit tickets – with the quick entry format.

Consider booked deposit tickets for accurate record-keeping and streamlined accounting. Make deposits conveniently while retaining the copies for your records. You’ll be able to order 1-part/original, 2-part/duplicates or 3-part/triplicates which feature carbon for backside entries on multi-part tickets. Place your order for 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 count quantities.

Ordering your booked deposit tickets from Deluxe ensures your security and satisfaction. Their products exceed Federal banking Image Character Recognition (ICR) guidelines. You can also take advantage of free personalization options which include business imprint plus your selection of typeface as well as a standard business logo. Additional customization choices can be purchased to your customize your logo on the tickets.

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Convenient! Booked format, printed with your name, address, and account number. Entry lines. Includes 3 lines on the front for check entries, plus 21 on the back. Makes for easy processing! All boxes are formatted for ICR processing.

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Booked Deposit Tickets - Quick Entry

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