Duplicate Deposit Slips

I’ve run a business for most of my adult life but always found my attention span to be short when it came to recording financial transactions. Things got a lot better when I switched to a business checking account with duplicate business checks and carbon less receipts. I no longer had to worry about keeping the details of the check in my pocket or in a notepad when things got busy. The information was right there on the copy. The other problem that had to be solved was keeping an accurate record of the checks I deposited. The solution was very similar; I purchased duplicate deposit slips which eliminated the need for me to record information on the check totals and other details while running to the bank.

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These deposit slips came in one, two, or three part carbonless styles. I could choose the style that worked best with my hectic schedule. The one-part book deposit slips also have a lot of room; about 27 check entries can be entered. They even have plenty of room on the back for 42 more entries. The problem with this style of course, is having separate copies made; that’s why I like the two-part and three-part carbonless duplicate deposit slips.

These duplicate deposit slips have about 30 lines on the front for entries which is enough for my needs. They come in a stack of 200 and in many cases can have your logo imprinted on them. The sheets are easy to distinguish because the original is printed on white paper while the duplicate is usually yellow. Triplicate’s come with a pink copy as well.

The banks require that there be two lines for interim totals and all duplicate deposit slips and I’ve seen have this feature. My preference is for the Three-On-A-Page style because it fits neatly in my seven ring check binder. Since I bypass the banks and go straight to the Internet when I purchase my checks and deposit slips, I usually purchase the Three-On-A-Page duplicate deposit slips that have a seven-hole drilled format. I place about 10 or 20 duplicate deposit slips behind my business checks for convenience.

My recommendation to you if you want to save some money is to pick an online printer source that will provide you with business cards letterheads along with your banking stationary. That way you can schedule your orders in a way that qualifies you for the best discounts and even free shipping. I usually get my check refills along with envelopes and mailing labels to round off the order. My vendor rewards me with a nice discount on my purchase and free shipping when I qualify.

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Whether you are forgetful or disorganized or perhaps you’re just like having that convenience of the extra copy, I wholeheartedly recommend duplicate deposit slips. If this is your first time working with an online vendor for business checks, simply enter “duplicate deposit slips” into your search engine and review the listings.