Deposit Bags

In the cartoons and old silent film comedies, the rich guys are always carrying around large sacks with dollar bill signs printed boldly on the front. These were the cartoon versions of security deposit bags. The reality is a bit different, security deposit bags are a lot less conspicuous, easier to carry and more secure than the old “money bags”. They are available in a variety of styles and materials.

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You can get lockable security bags from online companies like Deluxe Corporation at discounted prices compared to banking supplies outlets. Many plastic security deposit bags are available for everyday use or one-way transport bags for moving cash from one location to another. These aren’t only for big business, small business entrepreneurs who collect cash and checks use them for regular drop-offs after special events or their regular working day.

These bags are specially designed to be tamper evident; that means after they have been sealed, anyone who opens them will not be able to disguise the fact that the security seals or the bag itself has been opened prior to reaching its destination. Many of them are lockable or have clasps for closing. They are made from a variety of materials including plastic, canvas, and even leather.

You might see some of the more secure versions being carried by guards during their armored car deliveries. You may not need all the extended security as the armored car guys but security deposit bags still need to be secure even for standard deposits in many situations you’ll want to be able to use a lock or seal on a bag with a zippered enclosure.

You can get them in a variety of sizes and enclosure systems based on your needs. Many have varying levels of security to allow you the right combination for the job. If you just want to ensure that the delivery is properly sealed and assured of delivery, tamper-evident sealed bags with an easy-to-write surface allows for marking or writing notes. Standard sizes for the plastic deposit bags are 9×12, 9×17 and 12×16 with transparent, opaque and single or multi-pouch versions.

Deluxe Corporation offers security deposit bags that are perfect for coins, cash or checks. The models with built in locks are perfect for night deposit drop-offs. You can reuse these bags over and over again with little wear and tear on the fabric or plastic.

These bags are durable and provided extra layer of security with small valuables. You can even use them for travel staying in hotels. Just zip up, lock the bags and take the key with you. You can never be too protected when it comes to your cash but it would take a very strong blade to cut the material.

Many of these bags are perfect in combination with a metal cash box for working the fairgrounds or other open-air venues. Most small business owners will be using them for transfers to and from the bank so choosing their bags based on single or double, tamper-evident, fold over, transparent or opaque, plastic or cloth.

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