Business Checks Binder

Business Check Binders

Several years into my small business ownership I decided it is time to organize my finances. Before then I was basically working out of my personal checking account and winging it when it came to proper record keeping. As business started growing I had to make some decisions about how I was going to run the company. The accountant I was working with clearly felt beleaguered by the number of missing check stubs, receipts and incomplete transaction records. He recommended that I move on to business checks in the proper business checks binder.

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He showed me his set up and I was impressed. The binder was meant to keep manual business checks in order and have about 500 pages. The style of checks he used was a Three-On-A-Page style that actually looked professional. I immediately called my bank and made arrangements to set up the account. What I didn’t know at the time and how much my bank was going to gouge me for the service.

Every year since then I made sure that I have my own official looking business checks binder. These seven ring binders are used exclusively with business-size checks not the personal check style. You’ll usually find them organizing the three on one page checks. That format allows for easy viewing, easy record-keeping as well as efficient storage. They’re good for general disbursement checks, payroll checks or multipurpose voucher checks.

One of the things I realized when I matured into my business was that everything I did was connected to how the business was perceived. How I presented myself and the tools that I used was a reflection of my business.  When I began to treat my administrative duties with that same level of commitment I realized that getting and staying organized financially was just as, or almost as important as my sales.

My personal preference is for The-Three-On-One page checks. I can open my binder begin making payment entries and log in a record of each with no problem. As mentioned above you can get different styles for different purposes. Some manufacturers even make checks for left-handed customers.

There are many different options available now. The seven ring business checks binder is a very popular format for small businesses and is frequently recommended by accountants. I still haven’t found one in an office supply store. They are invaluable to keep my business checks and deposit slips organized. It is a deterrent to coffee stains and juice spills around here.

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You’ll recognize them by the D rings that makes it easy to flip through the pages. When you’re running out of checks you might be tempted to remove the stubs and reuse the binder for a fresh set. I found it much more convenient to simply order my business Kit from the vendor complete with a new binder. I then label the old binder with the checks series and store it for record keeping purposes. It’s a simple and efficient way of tracking and cross referencing.