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If you bought a business for a few years you can appreciate the need to keep your finances organized properly. Many small business owners start out financing their business from their personal account before making the leap to DBA or corporate identity. At that point they’ve established a business account and receive their first batch of checks from the bank. Record-keeping becomes one of the key factors in ensuring the business running smoothly. One key decision that is made is the use of a binder for business checks.

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Whether you get the Three-On-A-Page format or the smaller format checkbook, a business binder keeps everything together while protecting your checks from the day-to-day wear and tear of life in the office. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a couple of coffee cup rings on the top of your leather or vinyl binder for business checks.

I keep a seven- ring binder that holds my Three-On-A-Page format checks. Keep in mind that binder is definitely not for use with personal check formats. The larger format sheets that you get from the printer will take either a three ring binder or are drilled for seven rings. They are extremely sturdy and will hold a few extra items. I keep my carbon less deposit slips in the same binder behind my checks. The binder also contains a pocket that allows me to slip in my receipts so that I can temporarily place them where they can be found later.

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These binders come in various colors and styles. You could go all out and get yourself a leather binder for business checks that are embossed with your company logo; I’ve seen those and they are beautiful. I tend to be a little more practical because I keep my check stubs in the binder so as it fills up, I then label the binder full of check stubs and file it away with the others. The binder usually has notes and other pieces of information along with the stubs that will jog my memory if I ever need to review or visit those records.

A binder for business checks is fairly inexpensive so I would rather place an order along with my checks. This allows me to start fresh while keeping everything organized and easy to access. The seven-ring binder is a popular format as it fits the three on a page deposit slips that many small businesses use. They are usually available in charcoal, blue and green vinyl for about $12-$16.00 each.

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When I first started using them I felt like they made me think about my finances more professionally than I’m ever done. The act of putting everything together with the checks and statements then filling it in each day kept me focused on cash flow. I also realized that it is advantageous to order everything at once to get the major discounts that are offered through online printers. Whenever I order my checks I refresh my business cards and stationery as well.