Bank Deposit Slips

I used to be frantic whenever I ran out of deposit slips because going to the bank and getting those generic slips meant filling everything out by hand. This was fine for a single deposit but going a week or two without my company branded slips was very inconvenient. Ordering deposit slips from an online company like Deluxe made more sense because unlike my bank, my online printing company sends me reminders by mail and email when I’m likely to run out.

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I always wondered why banks issue printed deposit slips in such a minuscule ratio to the number of checks they provide. It seemed that they do it on purpose to get you to come back for more generic slips. I can get them in a variety of formats to fit my pocket sized checks or with my full sized format. Deposit slips come in one-part and triplicate for all of your deposit transactions.

One Part Deposit Slips simply means that you fill out a single slip and record it separately in your ledger. Triplicate offers an NCR style copy to keep for your records and one stays in the book or binder.

You can get booked deposit slips in one, two, or three-part carbonless deposit. Go ahead and pick the style which fits your business needs the best. Laser printer compatible deposit slips are the ones to use with your accounting software like Quickbooks or MYOB. These are fast and accurate for detailed record keeping. Check with your accounting software program before ordering to be sure that they offer this feature. Not all programs support laser deposit slips.

In order to qualify for banking standards, laser deposit tickets must meet your bank’s standards for MICR code line quality for processing. MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This is a special kind of ink that is quickly recognized by computers when processing checks.

Current Types of Deposit Tickets Available:

Laser Deposit Tickets for QuickBooks

Our industry-best laser deposit tickets for QuickBooks meet or exceed your bank’s standards for MICR…more info

Booked Deposit Tickets

These best-selling deposit tickets are ideal for any business, guaranteed to work with your bank’s Image…more info

Personal Size Deposit Tickets

Running out of deposit tickets for your Entrepreneur Checks (51100N)? Simply stock up with this convenient…more info

Booked Deposit Tickets – Retail Format

Great for retail deposits! Formatted to meet the needs of cash-intensive businesses, and guaranteed to work with…more info

Extra Line Booked Deposit Tickets

These time-saving deposit ticket books handle more entries than any other we sell – up to 70 cash or check…more info

Easy Scan Booked Deposit Tickets

Our Easy Scan deposit ticket books keep your business in ready cash with faster processing of bank deposits! All…more info

3-On-A-Page Deposit Tickets

The easy way to make deposits for users of 3-On-A-Page Checks! Guaranteed to work with your bank, these deposit…more info

Quick Entry – Booked Deposit Tickets

The safe way to make accurate deposits! Guaranteed to work with your bank, these deposit tickets improve…more info

Standard Booked Deposit Tickets

Our guaranteed deposit books work at any bank – meeting all Image Character Recognition (ICR) guidelines…more info

Loose Deposit Tickets

The easy way to make deposits, plus flexible loose-set format! Guaranteed to work with your bank, these deposit…more info

Laser Deposit Tickets, QuickBooks Compatible

Our industry-best laser deposit tickets for QuickBooks meet or exceed your bank’s standards for MICR…more info

The paper and ink must be able to meet the guidelines of Image Character Recognition. This is another reason to choose your vendor carefully. Companies like Deluxe Corporation have been producing financial paper for generations and understand the complexities involved in meeting and exceeding Federal Trade Commission and Banking Commission standards.

There is no longer a reason to waste time with handwriting a bunch of deposit slips. Your computer is sitting idly by waiting for you to enter the data in your accounting software. Many programs now include deposit printing options as well as check writing ones. That means you can have everything done at once and never have to wonder if you entered the information in the ledger or put the duplicate in your drawer.

Once you check your particular accounting software just go online to a company like Deluxe Corporation and order the appropriate style for your business. Once your first order comes in, you won’t have to worry about running out again. When you get your reminder just go online and press the order button and receive another batch in days.

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