About Us

I started this site after my own frustrations at paying over $1/check for the most plan ugly un-customized checks from my bank. I had the belief that I had to order checks from my bank, but after extensive research I decided to order some checks online.

After seeing that the checks I received were even better than the ones from my bank and a fraction of the cost, I realized that I should make a site and share what I learned and help others save money on their business banking supplies.

My primary goal with this site is:

  • Educate business owners to the fact that there are alternatives to just blindly ordering business checks (and other banking supplies) from your bank. These alternatives are not only safe, with all the security features that your bank offers, but they are MUCH less expensive, and you’ll be amazed at all the customizations that you are offered.

We are affiliates…we get paid by referring business to the check printing companies. Because we are not the actual makers of the checks we have an independent relationship and are free to recommend the best merchants and even more importantly offer you the choice between all of the reputable check companies and let you decide which one is best for your needs.

On this site we work with the 4 major business check printers:

  1. Deluxe Business Checks
  2. Check Crafters Business Checks
  3. Checks in the Mail Business Checks
  4. Checks Unlimited Business Checks

My goal is to have a full product line from each of these merchants that will allow you to compare prices and offers, simplifying the process of shopping for banking supplies. We will also feature some related merchants that all small businesses should find useful like iPrint Business Cards. Ordering any of these products or services should save you time and money when compared to offline merchants, or god forbid, your business bank.

Disclosure: OrderCompanyChecks.com is a professional review website that receives compensation from the merchants of the products whose products we review. There is a “material connection” between this site and the merchants listed on this site, even though this site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.