3 Inch Plastic Fasteners

Tangle-free! Economical polypropylene barbs fasten quickly and easily in a wide range of tagging applications.

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Whether you’re a retail store or a weekend garage sale entrepreneur, there is often a need to tag items for pricing. It is important when fastening tags to ensure that no damage has occurred in the process. It takes special equipment to ensure that the tag is securely fastened without, raising your sale item. Deluxe has created the appropriate products for the job. Try their 3-inch plastic fasteners.

These 3-inch plastic fasteners are tangle-free and are used in hundreds of situations where secure tagging is necessary. These polypropylene barbs are economical and fasten easily without compromising the material. This one is used in hundreds of tagging applications. These 2 inch plastic fasteners can be purchased in lots of 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 and 40,000 units.

1-inch fine plastic fasteners and 2-inch plastic fasteners are also available as well as 12-inch plastic ties. These fasteners are perfect for retail stores and even garage sales.

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3 Inch Plastic Fasteners

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