Job One: Saving Money on Business Checks...

The reason this site exists is because, like many of other small business owners, I ordered business checks from my bank. One day it occurred to me that maybe over $1 each for basic cheap business checks was totally excessive (not to mention the fees on my account for actually using the check, but that's another topic). The fact is that big banks like Bank of America, and Chase count on their customers being too busy or lazy to bother seeking more inexpensive business checks online. The good news for you is that just by ordering your business checks and check accessories online, you will save 50 to 75% off of what the bank will charge you and that's without factoring in the added convenience and time savings.

Business Check Printing Companies.

There are many companies that can print business checks. Below we have done a comparison of the most reputable ones that we have found.

Company Year Founded Location Products Offered Cost of Basic Checks Specials BBB accredited
Deluxe for Business

1915 3680 Victoria Street North Shoreview, MN 55126-2966 Deluxe offers a vast line of products. Business checks, all forms and record keeping products, deposit slips, address labels, stamps & daters. 3-On-A-Page Business Size Checks, Side-Tear Voucher
300 - $30.75 (~.10 each)
40% off on your initial order Yes

Checks Unlimited
1986 P.O. Box 18500, Colorado Springs, CO 80935-8500 Checks Unlimited offers a full line of address labels, check accessories, and business checks, as well as personal checks. 3-On-A-Page Business Size Checks, Side-Tear Voucher
300-$32.40 (~.11 each)
10% off on all online orders Yes
Checks in the Mail Business Essentials 1922 2435 Goodwin Lane New Braunfels, TX 78135-0001 Checks in the Mail - Business Essentials offers a full line of business checking supplies as well as business stationary and personal checks. 2 per Page
Business Size Checks, Side-Tear Voucher
300-$40.99 (~.14 each)
Varies, visit site for latest Checks in the Mail discount offers Yes
Check Crafters (now merged with Checks Unlimited)
Your Business Bank varies local Business checks and checkbooks etc. Bank Prices - up to $1 per check! None maybe
*Disclaimer: Many hours of work have gone into compiling the information presented on this site. Therefore most of the links on this site are affiliate links. We may receive compensation for any purchases made as a result of your use of this site.

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